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Just 23 years old and weighing 657 pounds, Amber says she feels "like a nasty, yucky monster." Because of her anxiety, she eats to feel at peace -- but she admits she can't stand the reality of how many calories she's taking in. At the outset, a doctor had warned her mother that if she doesn't lose weight, she would die. When she had dropped to 500lbs, still worryingly overweight, she made a decision to go back to her favourite game.A  This time round, she would play softball as a coach, to help prevent children from falling into a life of self-abuse, as she did. At one point, Ashley's doctor consults her father, explaining that despite the very serious surgery, the young woman still has an overeating problem. On the move again: Now a softballA  coach, Ashley's days of mobility scooters and severe difficulty at taking even just a few steps are over. Star jumps: Exercise is something that just a few years ago Ashley never believed she would do again. The newly transformed Ashley, with seven years of hard work behind her, plans to open a childcare centre. The old days: Ashley weighed over 600lbs and used a mobility scooter to stock up her food supplies. The shocking series documented the highs and lows of dealing with addiction and dependence - and the transformation from being utterly dependent to gaining a modicum of normality and a sense of self worth. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. Pauline Potter My 600 Pound Life Update - More Info On My 600-Lb Life Star Pauline Potter With - Judging from her episode of My 600-Lb Life, it appears as though Alex and his calorie-burning jiggle sessions .
Melissa Morris, the subject of a special 2 hour premiere episode of TLC’s new show My 600-lb Life, was filmed by the network over the last seven years as she struggled to lose over 500 pounds. TLC followed Melissa and four other people weighing over 600 pounds as they went through gastric bypass surgery, and the years of weight loss that followed. Melissa has been through an amazing journey, and can now do so many things that she was completely unable to do before. The major catalyst that sparked Melissa to begin her weight loss journey revolved around a poignant moment with her mother, who had stage IV cancer.
After she got down to 180, she got a job with her bypass surgeon helping other people adjust to life after gastric bypass surgery, fulfilling her first goal of getting a job.
Then, she got pregnant, her second desire, but unfortunately she lost the baby, and sank into a depression. Chris said that Melissa giving him a daughter was the thing he was most proud of her for, but their relationship was still rocky. Melissa told The Insider that she would not be watching My 600-lb Life because she lived through the events on the show once, and doesn’t want to live through them again. Nathan, if you watched the show, she got down to 157lbs at one point, and the doctors told her it was too low and needed to gain.
I think she looks fabulous and I hope she and her husband work out for the best; wither that be together or not. I have lost my spleen, gallbladder, uterus, ovaries, right knee, lenses in both eyes with replacements and now they want to give me a left titanium knee.

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I played every summer,' she told cameras, but she was forced to drop the sport as she piled on pounds as a teenager. She shed the vast amount of weight after gastric ban surgery and now coaches softball and has plans to open a childcare centreThe show documented her seven-year journey from an almost certainly shortened life to something she could never have imagined just years before: A healthier, more mobile and independent existence, free from the grip of over-eating and vast weight gain.
Gastric band surgery - with just a five per cent chance of lasting success - was her best chance of survival. That sounds like a dream come true, but Melissa’s new size and abilities are actually causing strife in her marriage to husband Chris. Melissa was too large to make it into the hospital room when her mother had cancer, but that wasn’t the moment that humbled and changed her forever.
She had gained about 26 pounds when she got pregnant, and she continued to gain some weight throughout the pregnancy. I have been thin my whole life and have to admit that I am one of those annoying people that look at obese people with disdain. Now that her husband no longer has to do so many things for her, maybe doing things with her will help move their marriage forward in a positive way.
Some people really do need something as drastic as surgery to give them a leg up with their wight lose. 500 lb weight loss is amazing…she can obviously do whatever she sets her mind on, drop that loser husband! But I still have my mind and heart …heart enough to feel your love coming through the TV screen. 765-lb Anatomical Wonders, Near Weird, Charity Pierce Obese, Charly Pierce, My 600-Lb Life, Tony is facing the biggest . Even though the heaviest patients need to lose weight the most, the surgery can be more risky the heavier you are. They got married when she was already large, and a major part of the dynamics of their relationship was based on Chris doing things for her. When her mother was back at home, and Melissa was able to go see her, her mother, still recovering from surgery, offered to get up and make Melissa something to eat because Melissa would be unable to do it herself. Later, she found out that when she was in the hospital having her gastric bypass surgery (with a good chance that she was going to die) Chris was talking to, and making plans to meet with another woman to have sex.
Melissa said that she had forgiven him before because she used be about 700 pounds, but now that he was doing it after she lost weight, she felt like she could no longer blame herself. Have you ever stopped to think that not everyone fits the BMI chart with “acceptable weights” that has been passed around for years? This woman has done an amazing thing for herself, and given inspiration to anyone who sees her. They could both do basic household tasks like cooking and cleaning, they could exercise together and heck, now that she’s mobile and able to leave the house without assistance, they can even go on dates!

After watching this story, I now feel like I can take control of my life and make it better. And yes some people have to go to this extreme to achieve the results that will allow them to lead a normal life and to have a quality of life.
Sharing all of your scars…physical, mental, and emotional made all of the difference to me. Melissa knew then that she had to make a huge change in her life and get her priorities in order.
His betrayal went much further than that one occurrence, he had been talking to other women for years. I wish nothing but the best for both of them as they rediscover each other in this context. Its tough to let go, so she held onto it and that’s why she ended up the way she did.
GOOD ON YOU MELISSA,AND TO YOUR HUSBAND I DON’T THINK YOUR WIFE IS GOING TO LEAVE YOU BECAUSE IF YOUR THE SPECIAL PERSON SHE MARRIED THA WILL NEVER GO AWAY. I am so happy she changed her life around, I see heavy people all the time and tend to think that but I have to stop myself and ask what have they gone through?
I think it’s very important to remember that if you have someone in your life be it a boyfriend, husband, girlfriend, or wife. I think you do not like yourself because of your weight you just need help getting healthy but don’t put yourself down. Now when I want to eat something I should not, I take a deep breath and say your name as many times as I need to to get through the feeling. I lost a lot of weight and kept it off for a couple of years, then I chose to let it come back on. I would highly recommend you and Chris get some counseling, especially because of your childhood problems. Make him a major part of your lives and he’ll never give you more then you can handle.
Their very similar to what AA family members deal with, but they focus on the family after the weight is gone. I hope you know how much I admire and respect all of the people who have lost so much weight. I have heart problems and losing the weight is the best thing I can do toward saving my life. I did not mean to ramble on so much, but wanted you to know how you have made a big change in my life.

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