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Inspirational Good Morning Messages: Looking for motivational quotes to kick start your day? 1) Success is not just a measure of how big you can DREAM, it is also a measure of how much you can DO. 5) Every morning is destiny’s way of telling you that your purpose in life is yet to be fulfilled.
A friend is one that knows you as you are, Understands where you have been, Accepts what you have become, and still, Gently allows you to Grow.

God is the best listener, You don’t need to shout nor cry out loud because, He hears even the very silent prayer of a sincere heart.
I am not as good as I want to be, as great as one day I will be, but thanks to God I am so much better than I used to be. This post is literally buzzing with all the inspiration and motivation you could ever need to get out of bed with a fire in your belly. A friend is someone who can see the truth and pain in you even when you are fooling everyone else.

Whether it is your friend, boyfriend, girlfriend, colleague, boss or someone in the family – inspire everyone to rise and chase success. After all, every morning is a beautiful celebration of opportunities that life has to offer.

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