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Every college student should not only be encouraged to party large and party small from time to time, but each student should also prove they have progressed through all four levels of the college party life before he or she can graduate. Write down the three most productive character traits you have learned from being involved in college life parties.
Now, think hard as to how those traits have positively affected the other aspects of your life. This entry was posted in Motivational Coaching: Students and tagged How To Party In College by Motivational Joe. A Newbie usually begins their partying career by attending the parties that are heavily advertised or promoted around campus. A passenger on the Insane Party Train goes to any party, anywhere, anytime, with any number of friends, and celebrates as if it were the greatest holiday on earth. A Golden God has repeatedly experienced the zenith of college partying and lived to tell the tale.

Students who can give 110 percent of themselves at work, in relationships, and at parties will succeed in most everything they do.
How are you a more well-rounded person because of the traits you have discovered at college parties? Newbie party-goers tend to hang around the outskirts of the party action searching for familiar clusters of fellow Newbies to hang out with.
Insane Party Train passengers move up from simply attending parties to being an intricate part of the parties. Party Gods are worshiped by Newbies, idolized by Insane Train Passengers, and respected by Cannibal Animals. Partying on a regular basis helps to open students up to meeting new people and developing very important social skills.
Newbies also often boast about “crazy” parties from their past and usually have an ongoing mental counter of how many drinks they have consumed over the course of the party.

Riding the Insane Party Train separates the students who know how to party from the ones who think they know how to party. Golden Party Gods accept the inevitability of their college party retirement, but can be seen occasionally finishing their partying career in a blaze of glory. This step will give you a glimpse as to how you are evolving positively within your college partying experience. For every paper you write and for every test you take, you must learn the better aspects of partying to be considered a well-rounded college student. Those who can relax when it is time to relax, totally cut loose when it is time to totally cut loose, and work smart and hard when it is time to work smart and hard are the ones who truly succeed in life.

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