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Throughout his life Steve Jobs has inspired so many people and was able to change the lives of millions. Arras is a WordPress theme designed for news or review sites with lots of customisable features.
Having a full program planned has helped me immensely, but as humans, we can all be tempted by something. One pound actually looks like alot like this – and once you keep on just losing one pound, they really add up quickly.

I've tried ALOT of diet, fitness and lifestyle products over the years in my pursuit of a healthy life, and I'm here to help you cut through the cr*p by sharing what does (and doesn't) work. Whether that be to sit on the couch instead of exercising, cutting your workout short because you feel tired or eating something you shouldn’t.
This was a habit I worked hard to break, I’m still tempted every now and then but this is a great reminder not to wander to the fridge! Your mind will always give up before your body does, so when you want to quit, keep going and see just how much your body really can do when you get the thought of quitting out of your head.

The internet certainly isn’t short of quotes and pictures to motivate us to stick to the diet and exercise, but I find alot really un-realistic.

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