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When we allow a little bit of defeat to turn into demotivation, it spirals out of control and becomes a black hole of torment and distractions that takes you further away from your original intentions.
I breathe in the gift of life every single waking moment, and I cherish that, thats why i love and treasure my life and everything i have around me.
My moods are more changeable than weather, I give very different first impressions to ppl, but when you get to know me better, I am not that hard to understand. And this is not a joke, depression is a serious illness and it should be treated very carefully.

This might sound silly to to some of you reading this, but there was something I found helpful when struggling with depression and maybe rough and dark times in life. If you liked my quotes make sure to remember this blog and come back, because I’ll be sharing best inspirational quotes to help you get trough tough times on daily basis.
Please just give this a chance, it can’t do any harm and it just might help you as much as it helped me.
We must believe that we are gifted for something, and that this thing, at whatever cost, must be attained.

But non the less, that is a serious amount of people and a huge problem our society is facing these days. If you find some of the quotes to be inspiring or comforting, share them with someone who you think might need it.

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