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We just made our first visit to Legoland in California and now I am back and full of all sorts of tips for you!
First I just want to say that I was warned repeatedly that Legoland is not the cleanest amusement park. This is just my opinion but to really enjoy Legoland I think you need to understand it is not Disneyland.
The second important bit of information is that Legoland is comprised of (3) sections- the amusement park, the Sea Life Aquarium and the Water Park.
Another important thing to note is that the park is open from 10am until 6pm.*  We did the entire park in one day and we were going from basically open until they start pushing you out the gates. We probably could have used one more hour to shop for souvenirs and spend a little more time in the mini city. Oh and I had read reviews from people indicating that Legoland simply doesn’t have the ability to get people through lines like Disney does. Also we did arrive right at 10am when the park got flooded with people so that could have been why the wait was so long. Another very important thing to note is that technically the policy at the park is no outside food or drink. We had a late lunch and waited until about 5pm to get the Apple Fries and the lines were crazy long.
There are lots of other rides that weren’t hugely memorable but I thought they were very pleasant and really allow for quality time with your kids. You probably want to get started on your top rides as the lines are shortest at the beginning of the day. Even if your children aren’t huge on Legos- the things that they build with Legos are just incredible and absolutely worth exploring. My girls will stay at a waterpark for basically as long as I let them so this was a huge surprise.
Oh and at the Chima WaterPark area if you do plan to hunker down for most of the day, you can rent a private cabana. The shows at Disney are usually fantastic but you can’t really compare Disney to Legoland.
There is a little bar inside the lobby and I parked myself down and charged my phone for a few minutes and saw many parents enjoying a beer or glass of wine as the kiddos played. Back to the shows… my husband gave it a thumbs down and the girls said it was just OK and they were ready to move on.

If you buy things in the park as you wander you can have it all sent up to the front gates to pick up at the end of the day.
If you have a little one that buys a Lego minifigure they can approach any staff member all day and trade figures.
I think that makes the price of the park much more affordable providing you don’t mind visiting for a few days. Note these promotions typically won’t apply to walk up visitors so you do want to buy tickets in advance online. If you do a little digging you should be able to find Buy One Adult ticket Get One Free child ticket to Legoland. Last but not least, subscribe to the free Lego magazine and they also have coupons inside for Buy One Get One Free.  Subscribe well in advance and you want to get the Lego magazine not Lego Jr so register a child 7+. So all in all you should pay roughly $214 for a family of 4 to visit all 3 parks for one or more days. And to wrap up this long article I will say I thought it was a fun day and my children were very happy. And if you are considering Disney, check out this article with tips to save money at Disneyland. LEGOLAND is ideal for younger kiddos but once they get to about 10is depending on the child it starts to loose its charm but I still love it.
You know Caitlyn- mine are way into the Princesses too but one thing with Disney is that it often feels like shuffling from line to line to line.
Thanks, very honest review and think we will still try it but good to have a real life perspective rather than rely on their marketing.
Just FYI, coastal San Diego is always gloomy in the months of May and June with daily overcast skies and temperatures in the 60’s.
But on a positive note, we always wait in line for Disney shows and at Legoland the kids walked right up as it was about to start and got right in! We spent one day last week at the waterpark all day and we all loved it very much…we splurged an got cabana for the day and it was worth every penny!!!! I have two young kids and we have discussed visiting Legoland, so I found your writeup very helpful!
We are headed there in about 6 weeks (the week after the waterpark closes), but my 4 year old is a lego fanatic… so based on all your information I think it will be a huge hit. Non of my girls are into Legos but the creations were fun and the rides were great for my 9,7,& 3 yr olds.

Had we arrived at 9am and not had the brutal wait at the onset, we probably could have fit almost everything in.
The cabana is 10×10 and has 2 lounge chairs, 2 seating chairs, towels, a full size locker and a little table with Duplo blocks.
It was very hot that day and it was jam packed with people in the midday so we had our own little safe haven from the crowds. LEGOLAND is perfect for the 2-8 year old crowd and it’s only downfall is the high costs of tickets. We went to a special Star Wars weekend where there were many Star Wars characters in uniform throughout the park. I asked my girls after the trip what they thought and both said they loved Legoland- so a win there!
The great thing about this park is that it just isn’t as crowded so you are able to actually sit back and look at those details as you walk around. I probably would not normally get the cabana because they are a splurge but we had 5 boys of different ages in our group with our 2 years so it was our base camp and it really did make the day much nicer for all of us.
The free day offer is on at the moment, for example, and I wondef if we should pick that deal already or if it’s okay to wait. We are from Finland, so can’t really take advantage on the coupons in the supermarkets etc.
It may not be the most exciting water park but it was fun and would definitely do another staycation there again. I hope you don’t mind if I link this page from my website if I ever get a chance to write my reviews on Legoland. On a completely serious note the store really was a zoo and as you might guess a trillion people were trying to push gigantic strollers through the store- just a total mess.
Oh and no they do not enforce the no outside food rule if you are discreet but some folks push the line so who knows how long that will last.
As I mentioned in the article, if I lived in Southern California I wouldn’t hesitate to get season passes.

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