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1) Grocery Shop as a Household - Try and do the grocery shop as a household especially if you're sharing with 2 or 3 people. 2) Free Haircuts - Andrew Barton and Stuart Phillips in Covent Garden both offer free haircuts and colour if you're willing to have your hair cut by a trainee.
5) Get a part-time job - If you like clothes try working in retail and reap the benefits of employee discounts and a nice paycheck at the end of every month. 6) Cinema for Free - Join the Seefilmfirst mailing list and get notified when new films come out for preview.
7) Cyle - If you can cycle and you're not too terrified of the roads in London definitely do it.
We’d love to have your contributions to this site as you’re the experts in being a student in London and UAL. You can add a film, drawing, story, poster or whatever you like to Commonplace directly with one of the templates below.
Except where otherwise noted, content on this site is licensed under a Creative Commons BY-NC-ND License. Possibly the best way to save money in London is by getting yourself an Oyster Card travel smartcard for the city's fantastic public transport system. Although you'll want to use public transport for longer journeys (see above), Central London is ideal for walking or cycling using the city's "Boris bike" scheme. London has a host of amazing free attractions and landmarks that you can visit without spending a penny.

The London Pass gets you in free (often with fast-track entry) to more than 60 top London attractions including the Tower of London, Westminster Abbey, London Bridge Experience and the Thames River Cruise.
If you don't think you'll do enough sightseeing to use a London Pass, you can beat the queues and save on ticketed attractions and exhibitions by booking online and in advance. London is a shoppers' paradise and for those watching the pennies, there's plenty of bargain options. They're usually under the watchful eye of their senior and tend to not be all that new to hairdressing. Don't be fooled though, just because the vintage shop has a trendy location off of Brick Lane doesn't mean it's anything more than a glorified charity shop selling overpriced clothing from a mere 5 years ago. You might not always get more than one ticket (actually generally, you'll be lucky to get one) but it's worth it for the odd time you do get lucky.
Try and google it before you go, search on facebook and you might end up with free entry and free drinks.
This way you see more sights, get some exercise and may even happen across some hidden gems on your journey!A  Insider tip: Especially at busy times, it's actually faster to walk between stations such as Covent Garden and Leicester Square. And the great thing about these smaller productions is they're usually a lot more affordable than traditional theatre shows or big-name music gigs. In fine weather, you can purchase pre-made sandwiches from supermarkets or shops such as Pret A Manger and Eat, and dine al fresco in one of London's lovely parks, gardens or courtyards. Check out affordable fashion in high street stores such as Primark or search for cheap retro originals at London's vintage emporiums.A  Insider tip: Shop at London's wonderful markets, where you can often haggle for bigger savings!

We promote London and attract businesses, events, congresses, students and visitors to the capital.
If you're more adventurous, Vidal Sassoon are always looking for people who they can try out their latest colours and styles on. The British Heart Foundation Second Hand Furnishings shop in Wandsworth Town sells bedside tables and chairs from as little as ?5 and they'll deliver.
Whether you’ve just finished an amazing project, found the best cafe in London or struggled with the pressures of living away from home, we want to hear your story. Street food has become a very popular social phenomenon: discover theA best food trucks in London, and satisfy your taste buds with cheap and mouthwatering street food. Freecycle is also great if you're looking to not pay a penny, look for your local group within your borough. Insider tip: Take a packed lunch to More London for some of the best, free sightseeing in town!

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