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When discussing money saving home building tips, certain ideas automatically come to mind, while others involve hidden costs most people don’t think of.
Interest rates are low right now, but interest is still a significant factor in the cost of your home. When saving on construction costs, remember to never cut corners on the actual structural integrity, and don’t let your home builder do this either. For more information on money saving home building tips and other topics be sure to download our 98 page free book on home planning, and read the other articles on this site. Over the course of an average 30 year loan, the cost of interest will be roughly equal to the entire cost of your home. Check behind the contractor as necessary to insure your home is build durably and with sufficient lumber. Efficient kitchens for example must be carefully planned down to where you will keep the spoons.

Look online for ideas, and then shop salvage supply stores, flea markets, remnant carpet outlets and other low cost markets for materials and ideas. This is far more important than having twenty different possible silverware drawers to choose from.
Remember to consider the potential for some lifestyle change over the years when planning as well.
Finding low cost materials can help your budget a lot, especially if you are working from a shell, kit or doing most of the work yourself.
Closed cell insulation or Insulated concrete panels with five inches of insulation are the key to minimal power bill. After the home is built, the extra cost, costs even more in interest, and also to heat and cool useless space. They may have deals on materials that are of a better quality than you’d normally consider, and only slightly used.

Ask others about money saving home building tips and shops as well, to get the lowest possible price on a top quality home.
People don’t think of it though, because they are focused on how much they can qualify for. Families who cook a lot and cook together will need a larger kitchen than a small family with one person who does all the cooking.
Big closets are important to housekeeping and the overall satisfaction you get from your home.

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