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About the Author: Hi everyone, I’m Alex, a 27 year old English girl who loves gin, giraffes, adventure and luxury in equal measures!
Being that we aren’t yet famously wealthy and unable to work the six months we spend down south visiting the United States during the winter, we really have to watch our budget.
It’s this cheaper style of RVing that has allowed Anne and I to explore more places and spend more time RVing then we would have thought possible. Don’t watch the latest movies and TV, if you let yourself lag the mainstream by 6 months or a year the TV shows and movies drop in price a ton when renting or downloading. Last snowbird six-month season we were able to lower our camping fees to around $250 a month including electric and LP gas use. By investing a small amount of time learning a few things and a little money for a modest set of tools you can save a fair amount of cash. Most manufacturers have an online presence whether it be a website, Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, etc.
Most people here envy us and say good for you wish I could do it too, a few I guess may look down on us, but life is too short to worry about them, we have too many things to see and experience, while they sit in their houses. I don’t sell them, but I recommend buying the new products that take advantage of water instead of chemicals to do cleaning. Thanks for the money-saving guide, i know there are many on a budget that would love to RV more often! If the extortionate cost of visiting Venice has been putting you off a trip to this magical city, these money saving tips are for you! If you would love to experience a gondola ride but don’t want to shell out 80 euros for a half hour trip(!), there are three places where you can pay 2 euros to cross the Grand Canal in a gondola. Back from a few years living in Botswana I’m now based in London but travel all over the world as often as I possibly can.
In the last four years traveling full time in our RV, we have figured out some ways to be frugal and save our money.
Our RV’s have small fridges, so keeping bulk amounts of frozen and fresh food is not feasible. Our rig is equipped with a modern digital type TV which in many locations will pick up plenty of stations to keep us amused.
This gets you into not only the National Parks but many other interesting places like the National Monuments for free.

If you’re having an issue with a product why not get an answer right from the horse’s mouth. We do this by trying to plan our route so as to not be bouncing back and forth between distant locations.
Make sure to us a map or get an RV GPS device to plot the exact course so you’re not burning fuel trying to find that elusive campsite entrance. We used the GasBuddy website last season on our way to Arizona from BC and saved huge on gas as a result. It IS possible to visit Venice and not break the bank, and even better you won’t have to compromise on having the most amazing time. Ok, so you may not get the singing or funny hats but the boats are the same and you’ll get to say that you rode a gondola on the Grand Canal in Venice!
At 7.50 euros for a single trip and 30 euros for 48 hours, you will soon be saving money if you invest in one of these. Espresso is the go to coffee for Italians and this is reflected by a very reasonable price. The ingredients are usually top notch in Italy and you can eat well for little money this way.
I would say we average maybe 2-3 times per month dining out and the rest of the time we prepare our own meals. Even a cheap cut of meat will smell and taste great after simmering in the crock-pot all day. Many things are perfectly tasty from a can or dried, so try to use that option for suitable items.
To supplement that we will once in a while use the inexpensive RedBox movie rentals that seem to be everywhere to pick up a flick.
We enjoyed Northern California, the Oregon Coast, San Diego, Palm Springs, Las Vegas, Tucson and several gorgeous National and State Parks. I find using the satellite view is a tremendous aid in navigating because you can see the layout of the land and any obstacles so much better than just a map.
We still like to enjoy a certain level of comfort and will open our wallets if it’s a “can’t miss it” attraction.
Also if you google the HWY or Interstate they usually have an overview of it in Wikipedia IE.

The pass will also save time and will keep you from exhausting yourself trying to walk absolutely everywhere! But dive down any side street and you’ll find hole in the wall restaurants serving delicious pizza slices for a couple of euros, perfect for lunch on the move. There is no need for water taxis and you could get away without buying a waterbus pass if you really wanted to. You’ll get to learn about the history, traditions and secret areas of the city all for the price of whatever you decide to tip your guide at the end of your walk.
To save even more, we buy our dry, frozen and canned type goods at Walmart versus a fancy grocery store and pick up fresh fruit and veggies at local markets when possible. If you subscribe to their mailing list they routinely send out deals like 50 cent movie rentals.
You’re likely not alone with a certain RV problem and most forum members are eager to help. We will park the rig central to the area we want to visit then do day trips with just the truck. We purchased a yearly membership pass from Thousand Trails for $500 bucks, giving us a free 30 days of camping and $3 a night after that. Most times a little Google search or a browse through your favorite RVers forum will turn up an answer to your problem. I found I can even clean the outside of my 5th wheel with the floor mop and be done in about 15 minutes!
Learning how to lubricate, clean and polish the right things pays dividends in the long run. Sometimes taking the longer flatter route saves fuel because the truck doesn’t waste so much fuel dragging our house up the hills.

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