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I don’t think people would have ever tried to work with the universal laws for any other thing more than money and unfortunately it is the same area where they fail the most.
I am not here to discourage you by saying that it is difficult to achieve financial freedom using the law of attraction, but I am going to discuss a few things with you that will give you a clear picture of the actual line of action before you even plan out to use the law of attraction for money related purposes. There are numerous methods given in various books that will show you the ways for using LOA to attract money in your life, however unless you understand the nature of energy that associates with what we call “money”, it is not possible to be very successful in putting those methods into use.
People think of quantum leaps when it comes to put the universal laws at work and there is nothing wrong with that, it sure is possible to have big goals achieved in a short period of time. You can win a lottery or a sudden large amount, still the net amount which stays with you in the long run is completely a different thing.
In the same way we all have a mental programming that allows a certain flow of money in our lives consistently even though you may hit the jackpot one day, the only thing on which you can rely upon is that “consistent amount”..why?
By that I mean the average amount which is determined by your subconscious programming, in order to increase this amount you will have to consistently work on changing your old paradigms. This mental programming that decides the certain balance of wealth in your life can uncannily deliver certain amount of wealth when you are having hard times and it can take away gradually the excess amount you earned unexpectedly to keep the balance to which your money vibration is set.

So, you must focus on altering this inner programming first rather than focusing on a certain huge financial goal when you start.
What most of the people fail to see is that money is not a tangible thing, we represent it using paper, but it actually is an idea in our mind.. The role of money in society is to be of service to people and reversing that rule causes major destruction in a person’s life. It doesn’t matter how rich or poor you are, you should always be the master and money should be the slave- Loving the “freedom” that money brings to you will keep your relationship with it healthy whereas the other way makes a person’s life a living hell. There is a clear line of distinction between “saving” and “hoarding”, one gives you a feeling of “prosperity” while the other represents your “fear of losing it”. Bob points out that the only thing we should focus on is “our ability to do it”, which means that you should be so positively involved with what you are doing in order to make the progress. I hope you enjoyed reading this post, I will be very happy to hear from you, so, please write me your comments in the box below before leaving. This entry was posted in Law of Attraction and tagged the law of attraction to attract money on December 31, 2014 by HARI S NAIR.

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After a lifetime of having no idea what to do with her creativity and energy, she discovered yoga allowed her to find the beauty and excitement in stillness.

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