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Attraction Herb BathAttraction Herb Bath is made with cinnamon, orange and other powerful love and money attracting herbs and minerals. Attraction Mojo BagCinnamon, a lodestone and other powerful herbs give our Attraction Mojo Bag the power to draw you love, money or friends. Attraction OilAttraction Oil uses sweet orange, and even a real lodestone (natural magnet) in each bottle to magnetically attract love and money to you. Attraction PowderCinnamon, orange and magnetic sand along with other powerful love and money drawing herbs and minerals come together in Attraction Powder; a delicious-smelling magical powder. Extra Large Money Draw Spell Kit (Prosperity Lodestone)One of the best spells you can perform to consistently draw money into your home or business is with our Extra Large Money Draw Spell Kit. Fast Luck Herb BathFast Luck Herb Bath is based on a New Orleans-style blend for fast, lucky outcomes with money, gambling and love. Fast Luck OilFast Luck Oil is a New Orleans-style lucky oil blend for fast, lucky outcomes with money, gambling and love. Good Job Herb BathGet a good paying steady job or secure an existing job with Good Job Herb Bath. Good Job Mojo BagGood Job Mojo Bag uses the power of gravel root and salt to effectively draw steady, well-paying employment into your life. Good Job OilGood Job Oil combines the powers of benzoin and gravel root to help you get steady employment, a new job or keep your existing one.

Good Job PowderGood Job Powder gets its power from benzoin and gravel root along with other herbs used for employment, success and money.
High John The Conqueror OilHigh John the Conqueror Oil contains real High John the Conqueror root, one of the most powerful roots in hoodoo. Hoyt's Cologne (Large Bottle)Hoyt's Cologne is a traditional cologne used in conjure and hoodoo for dressing mojo bags, gambling luck and for success.
Hoyt's Cologne (Small bottle)Hoyt's Cologne is a traditional cologne used in conjure and hoodoo for dressing mojo bags, gambling luck and for success. Lucky 777 Herb BathWin big at the lottery, gambling and other games of chance with Lucky 777 Herb Bath.
Lucky 777 OilLucky 777 Oil brings together tried and true lucky herbs including nutmeg, cinnamon and ginger to help you win big at the lottery, gambling and games of chance.
Lucky Dream Mojo BagThe Lucky Dream Mojo Bag combines the power of star anise and nutmeg to infuse your dreams with images of lucky numbers to win the lottery! Money Draw Herb BathCinnamon, bayberry and other herbs come together ot make Money Draw Herb Bath powerfully effective. Money Draw Mojo BagCalling on the power of cinnamon, bayberry and other herbal and mineral curios, our Money Draw Mojo Bag works hard to bring money into your life!
Money Draw OilBayberry and cinnamon come together with other powerful hoodoo roots, herbs and minerals to create this effective Money Draw Oil used to bring riches your way, and fast!

Money Draw PowderCinnamon and bayberry combine powers in Money Draw Powder to draw money to you from expected and unexpected sources. Prosperous House Blessing Mojo BagDraw money and blessings into your home with a Prosperous House Blessing Mojo Bag.
Prosperous House Blessing OilBless your home with prosperity using Prosperous House Blessing's delightful blend of cinnamon, basil, rosemary and other blessing and money drawing herbs. Secure Finances Herb BathSecure Finances Herb Bath gets its power from sassafras, bayberry and other effective money-preserving herbs. 20Anoint candles for Love, Luck, Money, Protection, Blessings and Personal Power with Special Oil No.
We offer a complete line of condition oils, sachet powders, hoodoo spells kits and mojo bags to bring money into your life and help you create the prosperity you deserve. Take a look at our Money Products that we offer and read all about suggested hoodoo spells to get you money.

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