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The human brain is comprised of three main parts: the forebrain, the brainstem and the hindbrain. The cerebral cortex is what allows us to process the large quantities of information we receive from all around us. The Telencephalon is comprised of the cerebral cortex, basal ganglia, corpus striatum, and olfactory bulb. The cerebral cortex is responsible for many of the "higher order" functions like language and information processing. Thalamus- The thalamus is a large, dual lobed mass of grey matter cells located at the top of the brainstem, superior to the hypothalamus. The metenchephalon-- is located below the posterior portion of the cerebrum and above the medulla oblongata. Cerebellum--is located just above the brainstem beneath the occipital lobes at the base of the skull. The myelencephalon-- the most inferior portion of the brainstem and is composed of the medulla oblongata. The Anterior Commissure is a round bundle of nerve fibres that crosses the midline of the brain near the anterior limit of the third ventricle. Its functions are not yet clear; but it is theorized that the Anterior commisure has to do with sexual orientation.
The Anterior Commissure is used in conjunction with the Posterior Commissure to establish standard alignment for the brain. It is believed that the PC(posterior commissure) is essential for lid retraction of the eyes. 1.Is the MRI capable of revealing the effects of such aging diseases as Dementia or Alzheimer’s? A)Iodine has an allergic risk either mild or severe, and can be life threatening- I am allergic to this. Iodine has risk to kidneys when too much is given, in diabetics or others who already have compromised renal function. 8.Can you explain the difference in the two and what they are specifically used for as a comparison?
A)MRI is much better for brain, spinal cord and soft tissue imaging, it can tell if tissue is normal or cancerous. My primary philosophical goal is to discern the commonalities that exist between the sciences and to integrate the fundamental concepts.

Persinger (1989) points out that deep temporal lobe activity exists in equilibrium with the global geomagnetic condition. Indeed, melatonin is correlated with temporal lobe- related disorders such as depression and seizures.
In contrast to the temporal lobes, there is little evidence or logic for claiming that an important role is played by other cerebral cortex areas.
However, the frontal lobes, as the executive of the cognitive- motor cortex, could logically be associated with psychokinesis.
To find out what could be triggering these thoughts, Brugger persuaded 20 self-confessed believers and 20 sceptics to take part in an experiment.
Brugger and his colleagues asked the two groups to distinguish real faces from scrambled faces as the images were flashed up briefly on a screen.
That suggests that paranormal thoughts are associated with high levels of dopamine in the brain, and the L-dopa makes sceptics less sceptical.
Dopamine is an important chemical involved in the brain's reward and motivation system, and in addiction. I believe however, that there is a greater possibility of each factor being a contributor to the phenomena being studied. Forty undergraduate students from Franklin Pierce college were used as voluntary participants. Each participant was instructed that they would need to concentrate on a twenty-five digit binary number sequence and record it on a tally sheet.
The Amygdala is an almond shaped group of subcortical nuclei that are important for deconding emotions. Pressure caused by increased (and temporary) water pressure, secondary to simple inflammation. The vertebral artery supplies an area between the other two main arteries, including the nucleus solitarius and other sensory nuclei and fibres. Lateral medullary syndrome can be caused by occlusion of either the PICA or the vertebral arteries. Superfically the Spinal Cord blends into the Medulla but internally there are several differences.
The experience of an "other worldly experience" is well-documented in the neuroscientific literature. Persinger’s theory holds true, then one might except to find high levels of EM at a reportedly “haunted” location.

The preceding article is in layman's language and the links have excellent information so I feel little elaboration will assist here. I would however, postulate that he is simply reaching for the truth through scientific methodology. The only possible way to determine which, if any, of these hypothesis is correct, is to continue the research. Increases in geomagnetic activity may suppress pineal melatonin levels and contribute to reductions of cortical seizure thresholds. Of particular relevance to psi is the capacity for the hippocampus to show long term potentiation, the first step to memory. However, sceptics were more likely to miss real faces and words when they appeared on the screen.
Figure one shows the Univariate distribution of the participant hits and daily PAI measurements.
Also a study on electromagnetism and the effect it produces in regards to Paranormal Phenomena.
It is a common perception that Humans only utilize some percentage of what the brain is capable of.
Do you think that Stem Cell Research holds as much promise for recovery from damage to the brain as the proponents would have us believe?
On an Evolutionary scale, what do you foresee in the future as far as Human Brain Function in concerned?
There has been speculation as to the existence of a “Criminal Gene” that causes anti-social behavior by influencing brain function.
Thank you for this opportunity to associate with such an outstanding intellect and research professional. 3 cm long - is the most inferior portion of the BrainStem and is continuous Inferiorly with the Spinal Cord. Without further subdivision, midbrain develops into a short, constricted portion connecting the pons and the diencephalon.

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