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Follow Us Facebook Twitter Instagram Pinterest YouTube Subscribe Follow UsNewsletter App Subscriptions Subscribe Get Our Newsletter A daily blend of the most need-to-know Daily News stories, delivered right to your inbox. Meditation and exercise are effective cold and flu fighters, according to a new study from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. People who are prone to colds and flu can find relief with a regular program of exercise or meditation, a new study suggests. University of Wisconsin-Madison researchers looked at 149 active and sedentary middle-aged adults to compare the preventive effects of moderate exercise and mindful meditation on the severity of colds and flu during winter.

Subjects who started a daily exercise routine had fewer bouts of illness and missed fewer days of work, researchers found. Another separate study published last year found that participating in an eight-week mindfulness meditation program appears to make changes in brain regions associated with memory, sense of self, empathy, and stress. Additional research finds that people who are physically fit and active have fewer and milder colds.
Send a Letter to the Editor Join the Conversation: facebook Tweet Get Daily News stories, delivered to your inbox. Those who also performed mindfulness meditation for 45 minutes a day over an eight-week period were sick less than their non-meditating counterparts.

Bouts of exercise may spark a temporary rise in immune system cells circulating around the body, yet the levels falls back within a couple of hours. However the researchers say that with frequent exercise, each bout can impact the number and severity of infections.

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