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The meaning of service is to do the work assigned ungrudgingly and without thought of personal reward material or moral.
Why are only one in five people fully engaged in their work and passionate about their job?
In big established firms being run with traditional management, most people don’t see meaning in their work.
Meaning in work, as Chip Conley, the CEO of Joie de Vivre Hospitality, points out in his book, Peak, is different from meaning at work: “Meaning at work relates to how an employee feels about the company, their work environment, and the company’s mission. Some organizations are content if they have a worthwhile mission and people are paid adequately. And yet if people can’t see how the specific work they are doing on a daily basis fits into this larger mission, cynicism may set in. Radical management is about creating both meaning at work and meaning in work: that is, both a worthwhile mission for the organization as a whole and meaningful work on a day-to-day basis.
In traditional management, which focuses on the production of goods and services, there is a disconnect between the people doing the work and the people for whom the work is being done (the ultimate customer). In radical management, by working in client-driven iterations, the people doing the work can see at the end of each iteration whether the customers are delighted. As early as the 1930s, quality management saw the introduction of iterative approaches to work when Walter Shewhart, a quality expert at Bell Labs, proposed a series of short plan-do-study-act (PDSA) cycles for quality improvement. Quality management, however, focused for the most part on internally driven iterative work patterns.
Firms practicing radical management through client-driven iterations are able to keep inventory and work in process as small as possible and customize their product not only to meet the customer’s original perceived needs but also to adjust it to meet any changes in those needs. To learn more about how radical management creates both meaning in work and at work, read chapter 5 of my new book, The Leader's Guide to Radical Management .

Ever since technology enabled us to work around the clock if we choose to, separating work and personal life has become tough for the best of us. When Zehner, the first female trader to be invited into partnership at Goldman Sachs, left the firm in 2002, she thought work-life balance would get better.
No one talks about the three babysitters Sheryl Sandberg employs so that she can keep up with work, says Horie. Women need to talk about these struggles so that we can have a better understanding of what a realistic work-life design looks like. It’s easy to look at successful people and think that their success happened overnight so to remind herself that all good things take time, Cofield reads biographies of people she admires. We all have to work a lot, but lack of balance happens when people start to feel guilty about taking time to meet their out-of-work commitments. She might not believe in work-life balance, but Errett has figured out how to have a balanced life. He thinks that one of the [best] ways to feel that you have work-life balance is finding work that you’re passionate about and realizing your full potential. Instead, work-life balance should mean that you generally feel healthy, happy, and balanced enough to spend time on the areas that fulfill you. Feeling part of an organization that is making a difference in the world can help give people a sense of being part of something more important than themselves. This is the issue often faced by people working in the public sector and at nongovernmental organizations: the mission is worthwhile, but the traditional management often practiced by those organizations is dispiriting.
This is not only where the rubber hits the road but also where the people doing the work can see the impact of the rubber hitting the road. So far, it’s gotten worse considering the numerous boards and committee chairs she sits on.

She says it’s always been about where her and her husband are in their careers and how the both of them should operate to balance their life together. It’s a huge problem for firms today, because disengaged knowledge workers are not very productive. Having a mission that can inspire, like Apple’s “Think different,” Nike’s “Just do it,” and Joie de Vivre’s “Create joy,” can—to a certain extent—give people a feeling that they are working in something larger and may even encourage them to tolerate bad working conditions. That’s because in client-driven iterations, the people doing the work can see in each cycle of work whether the clients are delighted are not.
At Pixar, for example, the award-winning digital moviemaking firm, although each team has clear leaders, collaboration and criticism are built into the creative process.
If she isn’t tending to her work responsibilities, Zehner is busy connecting people. In other words, recognizing that everyone is in a different phase of life, has different challenges, and needs the freedom to handle those obligations. Perhaps you can only have it all once you learn how to integrate your two passions: work and personal life.
The work on each film is subjected to daily review and anyone can offer an opinion.1 And rapid prototyping is one of the practices that underlie the success of the award-winning San-Francisco design firm, IDEO. Whether they do their job well or badly, quickly or slowly, whether the boss is happy or not, it hardly seems to matter. Rather than pushing steadily improved goods and services to the client in the hope of making a sale, client-driven iterations adopt a pull approach, starting from the client.

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