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Here's a neat little trick to get your on your way to customising your Start screen with Nokia's App Folders solution. If you want to add a little something something to your contacts, we ran across a way to add emoticons to your contact's name over in the Windows Phone Central Forums.
Edit: As noted in comments by hopmedic, to prevent it from breaking voice dialling, put the emoticons in the last name field, but put a hyphen after the last name, and then the emoticons. Update: Ah, as it turns out what is shown above is actually an app called Emotiboard (found here). It looks like Nokia is getting frisky as they're showing a glimpse of the Lumia 800 evidently with the upcoming Windows Phone 7.8 upgrade.
If you like sending text messages (SMS) on Windows Phone, you'll love the new emoticon system that Microsoft has put in place. This time around, Microsoft put in a selector at the bottom with visible choices for each symbol.

Inspired by the Easter Story Wreath I saw at Oriental Trading (pictured below), I thought it'd be fun to draw my own version for kids to color, cut and assemble!
I wanted to include Pentecost in my wreath (it's not included in the one above) and also add scripture verses to make it tell the Easter story in better detail.
I arranged the pictures to "tell" the story from Palm Sunday (starting on the top right) through Pentecost (placed in the top center).
I overlapped some of the pictures on top of each other to make them fit nicely--feel free to arrange them however you like!
The app was recently published to the Windows Phone Store and just like you could with contacts, you're able to copy and paste emoticons from the SMS text box to App Folder titles to add some personality.
Leave the text message and go to your Peoples Hub, find the contact and choose to edit the name. The image above comes via their Facebook page and while it does not mention 7.8 directly it does show some new emoticons off.

Previously, Windows Phone allowed you to easily send some basic smileys and if you wanted some more advanced symbols, you had to dig out some codes or use a 3rd party app. Those emoticons are not found in current 7.5 builds but they are found in Windows Phone 8 as we demonstrated in our video tour two weeks ago.
They’ve introduced five new “hidden heroes” emoticons based on characters from the upcoming blockbuster film, Marvel’s Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

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