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Have you ever gone through a time in your life where you were struggling to have enough money?
It is a situation literally NO ONE wants to experience, and yet for so many people all over the world this is the current state of their financial affairs. The  trouble with struggling to have enough money is that many other things seem to become  a struggle too – it becomes hard to enjoy your work, your life, your family, your intimate relationship, as well as your health when you are focused on having “not enough” money to get through the year,  the month, the week, or even the day. Well then, you’ve come to the right place, because I am about to share a little….no I lied… I am about to share a BIG secret with you. Now, I am pretty sure many of you are saying to yourself: “I am always thinking about money, and still no money comes to me.
The Universe brings you what you ask for, so when you focus your thoughts and emotions on things that are going wrong and things you don’t want – you are actually creating more of it – this is the way the Universe works.
You’re going to need to shift your focus to wealth and prosperity, you are going to have to turn the energy you have in your body into a “MONEY MAGNET”, and most importantly – you must STOP working for the money.
Gratitude: One of the easiest ways to put your energy into a place where it can attract good is to use GRATITUDE to your advantage.
Feel Good and Be Happy Now: When you feel good and you are happy, you attract more money and more abundance to you. Visualize: Visualization is a powerful tool that many of the world’s top athletes as well as many of the wealthiest, most successful people on the planet use to get what they want.
Now that you know how to use the Law of Attraction for money, remember the power is entirely in your hands.
Affirmations are positive statements that are repeated, written or thought about several times a day for positive outcomes in life.
4) Expect, listen and allow it to happenWhen we try to manifest money, we often get it wrong at step 1. Manifesting money and all of your other dreams is really possible and even easier than you think.All you need to learn is how to manipulate your thoughts into a FEELING and BELIEVING place. The credit card debt kept mounting and you weren’t sure where you were going to get the money to pay off your bills or even to buy groceries to feed your family? Perhaps the Universe has brought you to this article for a reason because all of the above statements apply to you – because I am here to teach you an amazing tool to turn your finances around TODAY! It would be unfair for me to keep this knowledge to myself, as this BIG secret has the power to transform everyone’s life for the better.
You just said “There’s never enough money”, “no money comes to me”,  you focused on “debt”and so on.
I stayed in a youth hostel and paid about $10 bucks per night, living with 9 other people in the same room. One way is to place a money bear by your bedside table and every morning when you wake up as well as when you go to sleep, pick up the bear and think and feel a few things you are most grateful for. Find things that really make you happy and put your energy into a good frequency, as that is when you are MOST POWERFUL and able to manifest. If you are focusing on something with a lot of attention and feeling, you are actually in the creation process; something is going to manifest. They literally visualize themselves having or doing or being what they want, they feel good while doing it, and then “Ta-dah” it arrives in the flesh. If you catch yourself focusing on negative thought or feelings declare to the universe immediately “Cancel, Cancel” as the Universe fortunately works with a time delay to make sure it is something we truly want. It can be used to enhance wealth, ensure prosperity, financial security and attract more money.

I read "The Secret" and got very excited about the whole concept, only I could not quite get the manifesting money portion right. This is the only hard part,but if you can master it, you will have no problem manifesting more money in the future.
There is more than enough money in the world for us all to live well, but you first need to know how to draw money to you. You put your attention and I am sure emotion on the feelings of lack and things you DON’T WANT!!!! My connection to the clients was superb, because I really gave them what they wanted, what they needed.
When he saw the amount of money and commission I was making, he was blown away, and probably a bit jealous. Think about someone you love, or get out and DO SOMETHING that brings you joy like riding a bicycle or laughing with your friends. By beginning to actively shift your Thoughts and Words you can literally change what you are drawing into your life overnight.
You wouldn’t order something online from Zappos or Amazon and then keep checking and worrying that it won’t arrive.
Begin to visualize what you will do with all the money that is coming your way, start to visualize checks coming in the mail for the amount of money you desire. Using affirmations can assist you to manifesting money, abundance and prosperity into your life.In order for an affirmation to work for you, you will need to affirm it with faith and belief.
I tried really hard to channel my thoughts in the right way, but the money just was not coming. Be grateful for what you ALREADY HAVE, and the Universe will give you EVEN MORE to be grateful for. When you are feeling good and happy start visualizing and declaring to the Universe what you want.
So, to manifest money, you have to be in a good FEELING place about it.I applied these techniques and within 2 months I found a sponsor( He gave me double the amount I was hoping for). Before you know it the Universe will begin to present you with opportunities to receive more money- you’ll suddenly find things on sale for cheaper, coupons, things you normally worried about may even come to you for free. When reciting affirmations, you need to feel the truth of the affirmation when repeating it. Not because of this weird line he said, I didn’t mind it so much, but because I realized that he was looking for a REASON why I was making the money. Listen, your brain sends electrical pulses that are being heard by the Ultra Galactic Computer.
Needless to say, I did get despondent and frustrated and I even started believing that this whole manifesting money hype was a croc - but I decided that I needed to learn more about it. One time I remember that I wanted a piano so badly, so I asked the Universe to help me find one. Using affirmations as your tool for manifesting or changing some aspect in your life, you must have three things; faith, open mind and trust in it. I was just trying to figure them out, understand what they were looking for, and then gave them the product that was literally and figuratively a good fit. I was looking online and I saw a great deal for a second-hand piano for a ridiculous price! Perhaps I was not doing it right and therefore not manifesting the money I needed to get this book published?

Only by giving this THANK YOU, will you open up to receive more and more later on that day. So believe in your visions, and believe in your dreams, trust me – something in these phenomenal mechanics are working. The next day I called for the address and the guy told me he is so sorry but his wife sold it a couple of hours after we spoke and he didn’t tell her that I was supposed to come the next day!!! Tip everyone, even if you don’t have a lot of money, always give a little extra for people who work for you. It works for me, and for everyone I know who follows these steps, it will work for you too. Stop working for the money, change your mindset, open up to the universe and follow the next steps to turn your life around. It works with the subconscious mind by changing non-serving, familiar thought patterns into new and helpful beliefs.
The universe will pay you back, and you’ll be able to go to sleep every night with a big smile.
Prosperity or poverty is the reflection of issues of lack or abundance in one’s own mind. They work best if personalized and if there is a strong positive feeling behind the words.Remember that affirmations work best if you really tune into the feeling of what you are focusing on. Be sure to say them with confidence and conviction and try to feel the essence of the intent.
When you are emotionally connected to your desire for it, you can use the power of affirmations to see how quickly your need is manifested.Saying the affirmation for the amount of repeating that is need and then stop the affirmation. The key is to be knowing, visualizing and feeling how it is already having what you desire (affirmation about) in your life. It takes that amount of days to have the unconscious mind to respond to everything and for it to become you.
Place it on bathroom mirror, on the wall in front of your bed, near your computer, kitchen or anywhere you know you will be going to on a daily basis. This way can have you pay more attention and focus on the affirmation.Say the affirmation slowly and with your feelings. Some feel that saying it first thing in the morning before you eat allows your vibration to be stronger and higher that it gives it more power. I prefer the saying the affirmations each day, but some may find that recording them so you hear them forty times maybe helpful for some. Listen to the recording when you’re going to sleep each night or even when your meditating. During meditation you can visualize the money coming to you.There are many affirmations to use and one or more maybe beneficial to you. When choosing an affirmation or how many you would like to use, make sure that you find ones that resonate with you and you can feel it when you say it. It can be a feeling with in your heart center area, positive feeling or even goose bumps when you see or say it.

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