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Printing your own also allows you to choose your own features such as the font you want, including size and style, paragraph format, and you can print the words of Christ in red. It would be nice if you added you documents for people to download instead of them trying to figure out how to do this. Whether you buy one or go to the trouble of making your own, a nice cabinet jack will make you wonder how you used to get along without it. The winch I used is a 1500 lb winch (which is heavier than needed) but makes it work very smooth. I built one several years ago, and it worked fine, but my year-old Gil Lift is in a whole different class. One of the installers we hired on a school had built himself a lift with a base of wood 10 x 36 and a top of the same size. If you have a question regarding a Knowledge Base article, your best chance at uncovering an answer is to search the entire Knowledge Base for related articles or to post your question at the appropriate WOODWEB Forum. When you post your question at the Forum, be sure to include references to the Knowledge Base article that inspired your question. There are several available from Hendrickson, so at first printing your own hardly seems worth it. You could even print topics in specific colors, highlight the text, underline, bold, add symbols, references, definitions, images, or anything else you can think of. This has to do with copyright issues (the KJV is public domain) and it is the main translation I use. If you choose a PDF file, simply save it as text or copy and paste into your word-processor.
You have much thicker paper than what you can get in any Bible, you can have any size and style font you want, and the text is bold and crisp. We do something quite similar with bibles in German language that became the German equivalent of Public Domain.
If you want more than two bible texts in parallel, I would recommend a landscape page orientation. This looks pretty easy to build and I'd like to make one instead of dropping that much money. Materials were going to be around $200 and then I was going to have to pay a metal shop to do some work.
Should've just bitten the bullet when I first recognized the need, rather than piddling away time and energy on my home-built copy. He cut two scaffold jacks down to about 14" then had PVC sleeves attached to the top or deck.

I built a detachable wide table so I could center cabinets with fairly large cutouts in them. The more information you provide with your question, the better your chances are of receiving responses. These personalized items are regarded as the best ways to add some personal touch to your decor. A Bible printed on copy paper has far less bleed-through and the text can be much bolder, making it easier to read and mark. I will add my own headings in the text, make it red-letter, choose the specific font that I want, add my own references and translation notes, add Hebrew and Greek definitions, make it wide margin, have OT quotes in the NT to be in a different font-style, and possibly use blue-letter for the words of God in the OT. We do digitalization and typesetting of the bible text, so that it can be reproduced as PDF, HTML, EPUB etc. If you could print it, you could get the text from a site like, but you would have to load one page at a time. I can only think of this as a lot of manual labour, especially in adjusting and matching the verses over the columns, but it would depend on the tools used (maybe there could be a solution via LibreOffice Calc?). Place your cursor in the Find What text box and then at the bottom of the Find and Replace window select the Format button. He did have some improvements he would have put into it, and I would have gotten away with no (or very little) labor, but only because we've been friends for 20 years.
I built this one with a single piece mast but you could easily break the mast in the middle if you wanted. He would set that thing on the base cabs or his rolling tool cart, install cabs like it was nobody's business. The winch is the only part of the package of obvious entry level quality, and if they used something other than a solid maple post to join the aluminum post sections, maybe a wet day wouldn't make it a chore to take it apart, but when you need to place a heavy cabinet high on a finished wall, scribe it, take it down, cut it, and put it back up, all without damage to the wall, all the while threading it over the 6" vent duct they thoughtfully left sticking down 18 inches canted to the back and towards the tight corner, not to mention the feed for the microwave and two independent undercounter feeds, you will begin to love this rig. In the personalized bed sheet you can have special personalised photographs or even designs that will suit your room decor well. If you plan to add features such as notes, references, headings, etc., and change the font style and size, the page layout of the KJV you download won’t really matter because it won’t look the same anyway. There are other places to get the text- especially if you don’t mind copying one book or chapter at a time.
I’ve decided to use my pages loose rather than place them in a binder- at least until I get the text exactly the way I want it.
You can have any size margin you want, and you can interleave as many pages as you want any time you want. Indeed there is the option to create very individual settings, which allows a wide range of uses.

If your verses must not go vertical, we have a tool to generate horizontal verses in parallel, as a HTML website table, which could be printed. I found a good Bible in a thrift store that was the right size and had wide margins on the binding edge. If you have drop lying around, not a problem, but if you have to buy the whole board, that little piece just absorbed the entire cost.
Adding an extra bit of touch with the personalized bed covers will give the personal touch to the room. These personalised bed sheets are also a good gifting option for you to gift it to someone closer to you. For one, if you don’t like something you’ve written or highlighted, simply print the page out again and start over.
Since I can make more than one I’ve decided that I want my first one to fit in one binder, so I will be making trade-offs with font-size and margin-width, and I won’t add references. See the project description for more information – where the pictures may give a short impression of what is already archieved. Then place your cursor in the Replace with text box, choose format, choose font, and choose the color you want. Then I took it to a printshop and asked them to cut the pages and drill holes to make the pages fit into the binder.
Research it, then make one or buy one, but you won't be sorry you have one except when you have to find room in the truck to carry it with you.
Loose-leaf Bibles are a nice way to make your own Study Bible- you can type your own notes and then print it out without having to write anything by hand. Get yourself a couple of third hands to fine tune large cabinets with, and you will be in installer's heaven. If nothing else it can be used to help you in your Bible study by allowing you to interact with and mark your text without writing in your primary Bible.
I don’t like the shade of red, so I’ll keep experimenting until I get something that works for me.

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