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For failing to recover Advisor Coh Veshiv from the crew of the Rebel Alliance privateering frigate Far Orbit and deal with its renegade captain, Dhas Fenoep Vedij, Palpatine sent Teshik into the Hapes Cluster to engage the Hapan Royal Navy with insufficient firepower and supplies.
Teshik was present aboard the second Death Star during the Rebellion's attack on the superweapon in 4 ABY.
Kendal Ozzel was a Human male admiral who served in the Imperial Navy during the Galactic Civil War, and was considered by many Imperial personnel to be inept, clumsy, and stupid. Ozzel took the Reprisal to the Gepparin system and ordered a bombardment of Gepparin, the home of the BloodScars' base, in which Jade was located. Ozzel's searches for the Rebels' hidden headquarters were unproductive and only served to agitate Vader. The Gorgon was an Imperial I-class Star Destroyer and the flagship of Admiral Natasi Daala.
Intent on destroying the New Republic, Daala engaged the opposition in battles such as the attack on Mon Calamari, where she was soundly defeated, and soon forced to retreat. Villian Dance, nicknamed Vil, was an Imperial TIE Fighter pilot who defected to the Rebel Alliance after becoming disillusioned with the Empire.
In 1 BBY, Dance and his squadron were moved to the Death Star, a battlestation being constructed above Despayre. No longer satisfied with hunting animals, Sturn had sentient prisoners released into a private hunting reserve, in which he would hunt them down. In 2 BBY, Princess Leia Organa of Alderaan arrived on Kashyyyk as part of a trap set by Emperor Palpatine to prevent her father, Senator Bail Organa, from rebelling against the Empire.
Whereas the first Death Star had taken around nineteen years to complete, the construction of the much-larger second Death Star had moved into its final stage of assembly after approximately two to four years. The Rebel Alliance had learned of the second Death Star's construction and the Emperor's presence aboard it via the Bothan Spynet, and they launched an attack based on false information released by the Emperor himself. Banjeer was a Human male Imperial admiral in command of one of the Empire's largest fleets by 11 ABY, and one of the backers of former Royal Guard and aspiring Sith Lord Carnor Jax's plan to sabotage Emperor Palpatine's clones. Following the assassination of Nolyds by Yuuzhan Vong agent Nom Anor, Banjeer was the first to suggest that the culprit was Royal Guard Kir Kanos.
The Relentless was a Pellaeon-class Star Destroyer which served as the flagship of Darth Krayt's Outer Rim Third Fleet seven years after the Dark Lord of the Sith deposed Galactic Emperor Roan Fel at the end of the Empire's war with the Galactic Alliance. Despite many minor victories, Dun failed to stop Stazi's attacks, and was executed for his failure on the command deck of the Relentless by Darth Azard, the Sith Lord who oversaw the Third Fleet. The Steadfast was an Ardent-class fast frigate in the service of Darth Krayt's Sith Empire during the Second Imperial Civil War, seven years after the Dark Lord overthrew Galactic Emperor Roan Fel at the end of the Fel Empire's war with the Galactic Alliance.
Facing overwhelming numbers, Kelsan surrendered the Third Fleet to Admiral Edouard Fenel, the commander of the Bastion Second Fleet. I'm sure that will be the main thing on the coming Star Wars mod, this ship, that long long ago people wanted so much to see, is here!
The thing that I am waiting for to make the star wars ships feel right in the game is a mod to the UI that makes it look more star wars like.
Stardock provided a sample mod to the User Interface and I want someone to make one that looks like a star wars control panel or something like that so that the ships don't look out of place to everything else in the game. Stardock provided a sample mod to the User Interface and I want someone to make one that looks like a star wars control panel or something like that so that the ships don't look out of place to everything else in the gameyou mean a new screen? Hay Monclova34,I not sure if I should post this cause I am not done cause is sooooooooo big of a model and I am having a hard time geting the mesh right and plus the scale is weird for GC II but what the heck.
He was one of the original twelve Grand Admirals, appointed to that newly created rank by Emperor Palpatine two years before the Battle of Yavin. He was nearly killed in the battle, and seventy-five percent of Leshia's body required cybernetic replacements. He escaped the badly-damaged battlestation to his flagship, the Imperial I-class Star Destroyer Eleemosynary, and continued the fight against the Rebels for four hours until his Star Destroyer was disabled by concentrated ion cannon fire. Ozzel came from a wealthy landowning family on Carida, and his last name would aid him in his quest to gain power.
Although the attack failed to kill Jade, Ozzel did achieve his goal of rising through the ranks. Constructed by Kuat Drive Yards over Kuat in 1 ABY along with its sister ships Hydra, Basilisk, and Manticore, these Star Destroyers were part of the Maw fleet, stationed at Maw Installation, a secret asteroid research facility under Daala's command.
Daala fled back to the Maw with the Gorgon, her lone remaining Star Destroyer, where she encountered New Republic forces. A native of Corellia, Dance attended Imperial City Naval Base on Coruscant early in his career, where he trained under Vindoo Barvel, a hero of the Clone Wars who was considered the best pilot in the galaxy.

Dance fought for the Empire in an attack on the Death Star, where he became a double ace after amassing ten kills.
This outraged Malastare's native Dugs and Grans, so the captain was transferred to the Wookiee homeworld of Kashyyyk and tasked with overseeing the construction of a large skyhook in orbit by Wookiee slaves.
His sector operations were based in a family estate in Val Denn, the capital city of Tinnel IV. However, the construction crews had fallen behind schedule; Vader ventured to the battlestation to inform Jerjerrod that the issue needed to be rectified. When the Alliance Fleet arrived, they discovered that the planetary shield protecting the Death Star was still activated and that the Imperial Navy was situated to prevent the Rebels from escaping. Banjeer, as a representative of the Imperial Navy, served as a member of the Imperial Interim Ruling Council under both Jax and the wealthy but arrogant Burr Nolyds. He also suggested that the head of the Council would always be a target, and it was for that reason that the Council elected Xandel Carivus to succeed Nolyds, hoping that the assassin would strike again and kill the least-liked member of the ruling council.
Dun was replaced with the Humanocentric Admiral Dru Valan, and under his command, the Relentless saw further action against the Alliance forces above the planet Dac. In 137 ABY, under the command of Captain Vaclen Tor, the Steadfast was assigned to the Coruscant Third Fleet, which had been tasked with protecting the strategically important planet of Ralltiir.
However, Tor declared from the command center of the Steadfast that he must decline to follow Kelsan's orders to surrender, as it was their duty to ensure the enemy did not capture their ships.
He commanded the Imperial Center Oversector, which included the capital world of Imperial Center and all of the oversector's fleets.
He was captured by the Alliance, and before being executed for inhuman crimes, he responded to his captors with mechanical laughter at the thought of his sentence. After his graduating from the Coruscant Naval Academy, he served as an instructor there before becoming captain of the Imperial-class Star Destroyer Reprisal, the largest ship in the Shelsha sector, from which he oversaw the Teardrop massacre, a slaughter of innocent civilians accused of being Rebel sympathizers. Ironically, he did not become an admiral due to his loyalty or skills, but his apparent disloyalty.
In preparation for the battle, he had Death Squadron emerge from hyperspace too close to the planet Hoth, alerting the Rebels to the Imperials' presence. With her second-in-command, Commander Kratas, Daala drilled the crew of the Gorgon until the vessel became, in Daala's opinion, one of the best performing Star Destroyers in the Imperial Fleet. In an effort to prevent the New Republic from gaining top-secret Imperial data, the Gorgon destroyed the Installation by firing upon its unstable reactor core.
At some point before 1 BBY, Dance was promoted to lieutenant commander and given control of Alpha Squad.
However, the ease with which he killed the enemy pilots disturbed him, as Dance felt that the battle had been a virtual slaughter.
When assigned to various worlds, he would spend time hunting native creatures, taking their heads as trophies. There, he would hunt the native Wookiees, going so far as to wear their pelts as part of his uniform. In 3 ABY, he was present aboard the Star Dreadnought Executor during the occupation of Bespin and greeted Darth Vader when he returned to the warship.
Vader announced that the Emperor would be arriving to personally oversee the last stage of the Death Star's construction. Palpatine had ordered Admiral Firmus Piett not to directly engage the Rebel capital ships, a move that confused personnel on both sides. The admiral used his power to establish his nephew as leader of Baramorra and all of the sector's bounty hunters.
The battle above Dac resulted in another loss to Stazi, and the Alliance forces captured the Advanced Star Destroyer Imperious, which was under construction at the planet's shipyards. That year, the fleet of the Galactic Alliance Remnant launched a surprise attack on Ralltiir, intending to capture as many of the Third Fleet's ships as possible.
In response, Fenel ordered the crew of the Steadfast to rise up and replace Tor, and when that failed, Fenel ordered his entire fleet to open fire on the Steadfast.
Terrner05 is working on a ship for us, I don't know what the stats but I know is doing a great job! The incident, followed by the murder of Imperial Security Bureau Major Drelfin by stormtrooper Daric LaRone, prompted a group of troops under LaRone to desert from the Imperial Military and flee the Star Destroyer. He had at last succeeded in finding the Rebels' headquarters, but he had made a fatal error that allowed the Rebellion the time needed to raise their planetary shield and evacuate Echo Base.
Daala and the Gorgon were stationed at Maw Installation without any outside contact for a decade before a lone 500-X shuttle entered the Maw after departing from Kessel and was captured by the Gorgon's tractor beams.

The New Republic believed that Daala had crashed the ship into the Installation in a suicide effort, although the Gorgon had actually fired upon the facility with its turbolasers before jumping to hyperspace under cover of the explosion.
After the Destruction of Alderaan a short time later, Dance lost all faith in the Empire, and planned to desert along with his girlfriend Teela Kaarz and a small group of like-minded individuals. Sturn desperately wished for an opportunity to hunt a fugitive Jedi during the Great Jedi Purge. Leia then, in turn, tasked Marek with destroying the skyhook, and so Sturn finally saw his chance to hunt the man he assumed to be a Jedi. A year later, Jerjerrod had been assigned to oversee the construction of the second Death Star above the forest moon of Endor, appointed to that position by Emperor Palpatine himself.
Jerjerrod informed Vader that his men would double their efforts, as he was afraid of reporting his failure directly to the Emperor. The reason behind this became clear when the Emperor ordered Jerjerrod to fire the Death Star's operational superlaser at the Alliance Fleet; many Rebel capital ships were obliterated. A Humanocentrist and Imperial traditionalist, Admiral Banjeer disliked serving alongside the various non-Humans present on the Council. The admiral would ultimately become Nom Anor's second victim, though as with Nolyds's murder, the assassination was made to look like the handiwork of Kir Kanos. Under the command of Admiral Peto Kelsan, the Third Fleet engaged the Alliance forces until the Bastion Second Fleet, aligned with Emperor-in-exile Fel, arrived to bolster the Alliance fleet.
Refusing to help fire on the now heavily damaged frigate, Kelsan instructed the crews of the Third Fleet to disregard his previous order and to initiate the self-destruct mechanisms on their ships, before using lifepods to evacuate to Ralltiir.
I know it's not ready yet, more texture and 3d moddeling is needed but the prototype is ready!
At the same time, Emperor's Hand Mara Jade arrived aboard the Reprisal as part of an investigation on the BloodScars pirate group.
Vader took Jade's advise, and Ozzel was promoted to admiral, succeeding Amise Griff as the commander of Vader's flagship, the Star Dreadnought Executor, at the forefront of Death Squadron.
Vader, having had enough of the admiral's failures, telekinetically executed Ozzel for the blunder shortly thereafter, promoting Captain Firmus Piett to fill the vacancy. From the shuttle's crew, Daala learned that the Empire was near defeat following Emperor Palpatine's death in 4 ABY, and took it upon herself to launch a guerrilla war against the New Republic in 11 ABY. During the Battle of Yavin, the group commandeered a shuttle, hoping to escape from the Death Star. He did not get his wish, however, as he was installed as Chief Magistrate on the Mid Rim world Malastare.
While Starkiller was busy removing the tractor pins that anchored the skyhook to the planet's surface, Sturn entered his personal AT-KT and attempted to kill him.
To hide the existence of the new Death Star, records claimed Jerjerrod had been made Director of Imperial Energy Systems and assigned to oversee the construction of large-scale power generators. When the Alliance gained the upper hand in the conflict, Palpatine commanded the Moff to fire on the forest moon.
Disgraced, Valan gave command of the Relentless to the vessel's captain, Hoge, and retired to his quarters to contemplate suicide. Ozzel believed that Jade was investigating the desertion of LaRone and his stormtroopers, and he conspired with Colonel Vak Somoril to kill her in order to prevent the incident from hurting his chances at becoming an admiral. There, Daala met up with the Imperial warlords, highly-ranked officials who had assumed control of what was left of the Empire. When the battlestation exploded mere seconds after they had left the hangar, they were free from the Empire. Starkiller destroyed his AT-KT and killed the captain instead, just before destroying the skyhook itself. Before he could complete his final order, Jerjerrod perished when the Death Star was destroyed. After the battle, under orders from Stazi, Tor and the Steadfast crew were deposited on the surface of Ralltiir, and the Steadfast was given to Fel as a gift. He saw command of the Executor as a path to attaining more power, and he believed that he would be able to control the universe with the Super Star Destroyer.
The Star Destroyer was later dismantled by the warlords for use in the construction of newer vessels.

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