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Hear from global experts who work daily to produce great experiences and unravel proven insights for some of your favorite branding threads. Stripped and lined-up, with that particular tagline stretched all across the ad, Victoria’s angels caused a true flood of rage while women world-wide responded fearlessly and set the social media on fire with the #iamperfect hashtag.
Given that it took a really long time for us to truly believe not only one shape is considered to be beautiful and desirable, and not only one standard is out there for us to measure by, the amount of so many strong reactions shouldn’t be surprising. As a student of journalism, Marija cultivates profound love and respect for this profession.

And, for those who already miss our more visual and design-centric content, stay tuned for a new home just for you!
Finding herself as an idealist, she believes she can make a certain contribution to the society. It turns out this little teaser they released triggered a true unanimity among women in a claim that there is no place for a body shaming in this world any more. Big part of her life is salsa, which express oneness of all beauty that Cuban culture contains.

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