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Effective Parenting: 11 GuidelinesSelective Perception: Is it reality or flawed opinionHelp! FINANCIAL TOOLS – Easy to use guides and information to help you make wise money decisions. TOOLS FOR BETTER TRAVEL – Check lists, travel guides, and information for all your travel needs. Today, one of the world’s most pressing problems is the global recession, which has had a devastating effect on individuals, communities, companies, and entire countries.
Create as much value and have as much impact as possible while making it fun to save money. Create value using the assigned challenge, document your work, and create a video that is three minutes or less.
We don't care about the production quality, we will judge based on the content and creativity!

Our story of building and living in an earth-friendly, energy-efficient, universally-designed home. Over the course of the year, I've seen Facebook posts about the challenge as friends as checked in to see who was sticking with it. I loved that I could make such a big purchase without using my credit card, so now that I'm starting to work on my 2014 budget (how is that possibly?!), I tweaked the challenge so we'd be officially done by Black Friday.
Cynthia LandrieDecember 7, 2013 at 10:38 PMCongrats on your new camera and what a brilliant way to save for next year. The typical money pits of Thanksgiving and Christmas bookend two additional spending occasions for our family: Sinterklaas (Dutch Christmas) and our son's birthday. I use PNC's Virtual Wallet to set aside money throughout the year for things like our son's preschool tuition and bills that are not paid monthly. As you can from the chart, you save a dollar for each week of the year--$1 in week one, $2, in week two, etc.--until you reach a deposit of $52 in week fifty-two, for a total of $1,378 for the year.

Even when we had to dip into our savings a couple of times, it wasn't too painful to catch up. And, with a little extra effort, plus one additional deposit on Tax Day, you'll end up with $1500! Feel free to download, share, and use whichever one fits your family's needs in the new year. In fact, I finished a little early because I wanted to use my savings to take care advantage of Amazon's Black Friday shopping.
I aim to have all of my shopping done by Thankgiving and thank God for the convenience online shopping.) I will soon be the proud owner of a new Nikon 7100 DSLR Camera.

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