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Make school mornings as smooth as butter with our printable Get Ready for School checklist!
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Start from the top down, this just keeps everthing you’ve already cleaned from getting dirty again.
And when you become part of the AKA Design community you will get all the decorating secrets you need to do just that - even if you don't have those illusive decorating genes! I add a little bit of lemon juice to the water when I clean windows, have not tried adding acv yet.

Imagine waking up each morning or coming home from work each day to a home that you love, a home that you have made warm, inviting and beautiful. I believe that everyone can learn to decorate and my goal is to help YOU create the cozy and beautiful home you desire.
I believe everyone can learn to decorate their home and it's my goal to teach you how to do it. Download the Free Guide!Join over 8685 subscribers who receive all the decorating secrets they need to create a beautifully cozy home and get a PDF copy of '5 Steps to Discover Your Personal Decorating Style' FREE! For example, dust before you vacuum, wipe the table before you sweep and clean upper cupboards before lower, etc.

Just click on the image below and it will take you to another page where you can right click and save the printable pdf. Even though winter wasn’t actually bad in our neck of the woods this year, the so-called winter months seemed to drag on forever.

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