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When making a game, keep in mind that you are making the game not only for yourself but for a larger group of interest.
Let’s say you have an idea about making a tic-tac game, or darts or pool, or even a game like Diablo, Quake 3, WoW, etc. Draw all your thoughts on a piece of paper: the game interface, main characters, maps, etc. As you see on this screenshot, Games Factory like many other software of this kind focuses on the game level hierarchy.
A free(open source) powerful and easy to use development software for DirectX 9-based games.

In this article I will explain the basics of this fast, versatile new hobby, giving you detailed information on the software you can use to create 3D or 2D games fast. All you need is a written guideline for yourself so that you won’t miss any important details for your game.
For example, if you choose to create a shooter, make sure your game has at least 10 types of enemies and provides at least 4-5 hours of continuous game-play. Choose a title for the game level, specify game resolution or even password protect the game level.
You get to choose to control it from the keyboard keys, mouse, set directions movement and lots of other configurations.

Set speed, acceleration and even try your character movement directly from the level editor.
The latter option is preferred, since people won’t have to enter any captchas to download your game. Just go to the Level Objects combo box and you’ll get to choose from a wide variety of objects, decors, characters, etc.

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