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In series 5, fans can expect Well Walker, Teddy Bear Girl Walker, Glenn, Herschel, Tyreese and Carol. I came across a handy little device for automatically making paper prototypes while researching the Sketch Chair post. For more detailed information on these CNC paper cutters and more here’s a handy chart.
And of course, once your prototypes are just right and you’re ready to make your final project, Ponoko Designmake has everything you need. With the newer machines coming out, you can pick up an older model at a very reasonable price! Funko is looking to kick off The Walking Dead celebrating a little early with the announcement of their latest POP!
Movies Vinyl and Legacy Collection FiguresSDCC 2015: THE WALKING DEAD Season 6 and FEAR THE WALKING DEAD Premiere TrailersFunko Unveils POP!

You carefully double check your files, making sure that all the measurements are just right, send them to the cutter, get back the cut pieces, assemble the project .
For simple projects cutting out paper or cardboard with an X-ACTO works just fine, but this can be aggravating for more complicated project. Unlike a laser cutter, these home-grade CNC paper cutters are affordable for someone in a home workshop with prices from only $250 up to around $1200. I actually have an early KNK (nearly three years old now) – got it before I had ever heard of Ponoko. There are several forums for users to share tips and tricks and while they are heavily skewed towards scrapbooking, there are many other artists there who are creating sliceforms, Origamic Architecture, fabric sculptures and other art. They use digital vector files like a laser cutter, but instead of a laser they use a small blade to cut the material.
From what I can gather, these machines are primarily sold for scrapbooking, so the websites that sell them tend to be scrabooking-oriented.

You can go beyond just prototyping and really complement the Ponoko service with your cutter plotter. While they only cut materials like paper, card stock, or vinyl, they would still vastly simplify the process of making prototypes and models.
Think in terms of cutting parts from fun foam that actually have some thickness to them and can be assembled (you might have to run the machine through several passes to cut all the way through).

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