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God knows you’re not planning on remembering your 21st birthday the next morning, so one of the funniest traditions to celebrate the big night is to make a 21st birthday shot book. It’s important to remember that according to Clayton Neighbors, a University of Houston psychology professor, fewer than 10% of people who attempt to take 21 shots actually do. Once you’re ready to make memories that you’ll forget somewhere around shot #8, you can start collecting more for the scrapbook. You can save souvenirs from the places you barhop around, like bar napkins or drink straws or business cards. Tonight, all the focus will be on you – it’s just as well because you won’t be able to focus on anything. Written by students for students, by a team of journalists from universities nationwide, we’re on the pulse of the college experience.

Because even though you’ll regret the play-by-play the morning after, once you’ve recovered from the hangover, you’ll be reminiscing over this for years to come. As the pages get filled up, you may not even be able to keep a hold of it, let alone write in it. Add decorations to the scrapbook that reflect your personality and print out some sober photos of yourself to put in it. Don’t feel pressure from the blank pages, because this drinking game is more about participation.
You can have your friends write you messages, like it’s a high school yearbook but without the ‘HAGS’. Especially when the other parts of being 21 start settling in – like bills and stock investments and what to name your third cat.

So the first step to making a shot book is to announce the plan to your friends because they will most likely be the ones finishing it.
You can ask the bartender for a recipe of the shot and score it from 1-10 with a picture of your bottoms up reaction.

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