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In today's world making a quick and wise decisions, is an important aspect of effective management.
Make a cozy pair of crocheted slippers with this quick and easy rainbow striped slipper tutorial! In the photo above, the finished rainbow slippers were each completed using one skein of self-striping Da Vinci yarn from Lion Brand Yarn.
ABOUT HALEY: The Zen of Making is written by Haley Pierson-Cox, a technical craft writing and tutorial-obsessed book nerd who is also a staff writer at CRAFT Magazine.
At times the distance between the ground and your RV can be more than is comfortable to climb up and down. As the video below will show you, there is a simple answer to this issue of portable RV stairs. As you can see it is a very interesting design and one that will break down for easy storage inside your RV. We reached out to the creator of this clever design, a gentleman by the name of Wayne Thomas.

The idea of having something like this around that anyone can assemble and store is appealing to us. But then the question arises how could managers make quick and at the same time wise decision? All you need to do is find a design that requires no screws, glue, or nails in any way and can be built of relatively lightweight materials. There are other uses that come to mind such as offering a way for pets or children to climb up in the back of SUV’s or trucks. He says the design calls for the portable stairs to be 32 inches wide and for each step to be 11 inches in depth. The video below shows these portable RV stairs being built by an 84 year old man with nothing more than a few pieces of wood and a rubber mallet.
Not to mention these portable RV stairs could be an easy way to get access to those hard to reach areas around the RV during maintenance or cleaning. Some of the decision's outcome is predictable and some may bring surprises.There are many ways through which we could make a decision quicker and wiser.

We need to have few of the historic information of previous decisions made and we need to make it a mandatory process to document our thoughts and solution that has been made in the business over the years.Statistical data is most important part of the historic information.
As we say that figures plays an important role in business, if we have accurate statistics then future decisions related to similar situation can be made quicker and easier. Many have commented on the high quality of his plans and seem to think they are well worth the price.
It is always recommended that historic information related to various Critical Success Factors are very much important. In a Business one has to identify the Critical Success Factor prior to any decision making.

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