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How to Make a School Book Cover Out of a Decorated Gift Bag- How to cover your child’s book with book cover made from a decorated gift bag.
How to Make a Comics Covered School Book Cover with a Brown Grocery Bag - As my kids get older and older, there seems to be more and more books that we need to cover. Edge the whole piece of felt with long and short blanket stitches (see instructions here) , using the yarn and a needle with a large eye.
I have become a pro at turning brown grocery store bags into neat little school book covers.
To make these book covers follow carefully directions given with the pattern shown on this page.

Now lay the cover out flat, with the wrong side of the fabric facing up and then clip flaps at each end of the cover with paper clips as seen in the picture above. Stitch it to the glasses holder around the outside edge of the mouth so that it forms a pocket. Here you will find out how to make school book covers and how to decorate them with decoration crafts projects and activities for kids. Insert a package of glasses polishers and tape these 3-in-I holders to the covers of your most often used books.
Fold the cover in half to find the middle and at that spot sew on the piece of ribbon, which will be used as a bookmark.

I also put a word search on there, which can be done over and over again since the contact paper can be used as a wipe-able surface for washable markers. Make cool hand decorated book covers crafts with ripped magazines and newspaper pictures these instructions found below. You should use ribbon for felt covers and plastic lacing for the leather or plastic covers.

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