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I’m not a big fan of books but when I stumbled across this book earlier this year, I knew I just had to read it. The book’s divided in four parts, starting off with a little WordPress background, a pretty good explanation of what a WordPress theme is, and an intro to the Twenty Ten theme. Although WordPress is very good at back-compatibility, it keeps evolving at the speed of light, which is why you should always watch out for deprecated stuff and new stuff, and keep up with the coding standards and naming conventions. This means that if today navigation menus are recommended, tomorrow they can easily become required.
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Making Arbors & Trellisesby Marcianne Miller and Olivier Rollin,Lark Books, 144 pages,hardcover, $39.Structures for the garden are popular, but construction costs can be prohibi-tive.
Thord then writes about hacking themes, obviously covers child themes and some sweet suggestions on picking a theme. What I didn’t like is the 3-4 pages long code snippets without even line numbering and poor commenting.

I absolutely loved the three themes crafted throughout the book from scratch and I’m sure those parts will be very useful to beginners in theme development. This is especially true when it comes to submitting your theme to the theme directory, where the theme review guidelines adopt to to the latest WordPress release.
You can check out all the books that Thord has authored on his books page, seems like he’s crafting something about Tumblr eh? Stay tuned for more great stuff on by subscribing to our RSS feed and following us on Twitter! I do agree about the code blocks, they are a bit much and I have spoken to the publisher so that this is something we can remedy in the future.
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This is where you'll find the projects that use wire with a few that use some polymer clay or metal clay. The third part of the book covers building a corporate or business theme, an image-focused theme and a magazine-style theme, all from scratch, covering each and every step in detail.

According to the authors, all the projects can be constructed without a shop full of power tools-although it's perhaps a little ambitious to consider tackling the larger arbours wielding only a handsaw as suggested.One project that stands out is a conversation arbour. This book is all about making rings and covers a wide range of jewelry techniques.TechniquesThe mixture of techniques is probably one of the most unusual elements of this book. With its face-to-face benches and sheltering sides, this arbour is as much a retreat as it is a gateway. While the author is well-known for her metal clay skills, she doesn't stick to just metal clay in this book. Check out a tutorial by Chris on How to Build a WordPress Theme from Scratch, you’ll love the code snippets (see image below)!
It is actually pretty unusual for a book to cover different techniques like this and instead focusing on the end product - rings - so this could be a good or a bad thing depending on what readers want.

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