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If you’re an aspiring novelist then this DIY is perfect for you as its all about how to bind a story together in a professional way. This decorative folded paperback christmas tree made from a paperback book is super cute, easy to make, and affordable. There are several variations you can make on these trees (like the rolled tree & the full glitter cameo tree in the background) that you can learn to make HERE. A paperback book – you can use one you already own or pick up an old holiday themed book at a thrift store!
Step Six: Now take one section of the book and lie it on the table so that the spine is facing left, as shown. Step Ten: Take the other set of thirty pages and flip it so that the spine is on the right. Step Eleven(OPTIONAL): Now hold the book page with the folded part towards you and brush glue along the edges.

Hi I'm KA, a writer, toddler mommy and 30-something southern girl who spends her days uncovering hope and humor in unexpected places.
Plus, visit here to get this beautiful 8x10 printable from GraceLaced free with your purchase of Anchored!
Girl Meets Boy (Parts)We added a boy to our family and that has been, shall I say, interesting. It’s even a great craft to do with your kids, although I recommend letting an adult do the cutting with the exacto knife.
Grasp the top right corner and fold it down so that the edge of the corner is touching the spine. Fold it over so that the part of the page that it already folded from the last step will be flush with the spine. Occasionally you’ll need to add some glue to the very top of the tree, along the inside edge to keep it from gapping but if you use enough dry adhesive that shouldn’t be a problem!

I respectfully ask that you do not reprint any photos of my daughter or extended text without my written consent. That is because I inherited 352580551 paperback books of my grandmothers and they are currently multiplying themselves around my house.
I mean, we don’t have kids but my husband is a little leery of leaving me alone with sharp objects.
Along with a YouTube video, the site explains to you how pages have to be lined up so you can create what they call a “perfect binding”. Following the instructions will take up a lot of your time, but it beats threading a piece of yarn through a series of punched holes (the old-fashioned and simple way to bind pages together).

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