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Let’s be honest, we all judge a book by its cover most of the time (and there are legions of blogs dedicated to the pastime). The Internet has also enabled fast and effective circulation and exchange of documents, ideas and feedback.
The same activity is becoming commonplace among designers and authors, sharing book covers for feedback before they go to publishing. Before you get started on creating a brief for a cover design, or before starting to design one yourself, you need to decide on the message you want to send. Boiling it down to the motivation, incentive and emotion will help you generate tons of ideas or visual metaphors that determine the imagery, choice of color palette, typography, and layout that help you capture what the book is all about. Over-wrought and over-thought typography is the main offender but using stock imagery can also destroy a book’s visual credibility. Look at this step-by-step Photoshop video tutorial and see how easily the book cover design process could be! Books with good graphics, eye-catching font and good quality covers sell more copies than those without – simple fact.
Design Observer promotes an annual award for book cover design with a 35-person judging panel! What is the target audience of readers looking for – Inspiration and Aspiration, Success and Achievement, Knowledge and Power, Romance and Passion, Murder and Revenge?
I hope this round up has inspired you to explore and play with various graphics design elements. The design should draw people in, providing just enough intrigue that they just have to buy it… now! She obtained a degree from the University of the Witwatersrand, where she majored in art and design.
The traditional process of getting a book cover design can be extremely time-consuming and the result is often disappointing for the author.

It is really cool when the book cover explains the scope of the book allowing the reader to manage her time. Book Back Cover Design: What Should I Put On The Back Cover Of My BookWhen you pick out a book to read, have you ever stopped to think about what made you reach out for that particular book? Upon graduation, Audria moved to London where she refined her craft in all aspects of advertising and design while working for several outstanding design companies. This is all changing with the digital age ushering in an era of author-led ebook publishing and with a little help from crowdsourcing. Look no further than Pinterest to find minimalist, bold, graphic-driven book cover boards that will make you swoon. Chances are, it was because the book cover design caught your attention and piqued your interest. That’s why you should create something that will stop people in their tracks and evoke interest.
Ita€™s an interesting observation a€“ most people who are browsing through a book store without having a particular book in mind, will reach out to pick up a book with the most attractive front cover.
She envisioned offering her highly inventive and innovative designs, along with truly outstanding customer service, at a fair price. Immediately after scanning the front cover, most people will turn the book over to check out the back cover to see if the story or the contents delivers on the promise made by the front cover.
So Audria moved to Florida where Indigo Design was born, serving clients with superbly creative and effective designs for the past 25 years.
Think of it as an advertisement for your book and like any other advertisement, it should hold the readera€™s attention and compel them to want to know more.
To be able to achieve this goal, there are a few things you need to keep in mind in order to create a back book cover design that will motivate your readersTake Time To Create A Gripping HeadlineThe headline is the first thing anyone will read.
If it sounds promising, they will be compelled to continue reading so they can get to know more either to satisfy their curiosity or to learn something new that will benefit them in some way.

It needs to be just a few words but in those few words you need to capture the essence of what your readers can hope to benefit from your book. Depending on the subject of your book, thought-provoking questions can also make for gripping headlines.Use The Right Voice In Keeping With The Content Of Your BookDifferent niches have different types of readers. When creating your back book cover design, you need to use the voice that will resonate with the right audience. If your book is about How To Make Your Millions On Wall Street, you will want to use a more authoritative and professional voice. On the other hand if your book is about Pregnancy or A Childa€™s Growing Years, you should use a softer, more personal voice.
What kind of voice would call out to you?Keep The Text Simple And Reader-FriendlyYoua€™ve already written your book and everything you want your reader to know is within the pages of the book. Use short paragraphs and sub-headings a€“ they hold a readera€™s interest better than a sea of text without any breaks. If you are not happy with the way your back book cover design is shaping up, it may be worth hiring a professional to help you with it. It is after all the difference between getting the reader to pick up your book or put it back down on the shelf.
Started in 1989, Indigo offers highly innovative and customized design services for branding, print books, ebooks, brochures, packaging, and websites.

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