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Spotify is a music streaming service that has gained world wide popularity since its start four years ago. Part of the secret to being a successful and dominant dot com company is to create a system that your users can come to depend on and understand.
Most notably, is the introduction of an out-of-app, background listening feature for all YouTube videos. You also get to make your own customized playlists, but must return to the app after the end of each video to choose the next. YouTube Music Key offers a six month free trial, to familiarise potential subscribers to its features. Why would I pay to watch some dork from Europe to watch and comment on other people playing video games? If this is an app that will allow me to listen to youtube audio on my phone while being on another screen or app on the phone or when the screen is off, then THANKS GOODNESS.
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If you’re planning to use a YouTube music playlist for a party, keep in mind that many of these videos will feature a short advertisement at the beginning. Once you’ve created a few YouTube playlists, you can manage them by clicking on your profile icon in the top right corner, then selecting the “Video Manager” link and select “Playlists.” Select a playlist, and then click the “Edit Playlist” button. You can also set your playlists’ privacy settings, either when you create the playlist or in the YouTube Video Manager option. Vevo, which distributes the official music videos of major-label artists, has a channel that features several playlists, including top daily picks and behind-the-scenes looks at the making of hot new records. RealPlayer Converter can convert many files at once, convert one file into multiple formats, or save only the audio from a video file. Spotify like anything else has its pros and cons, but it’s easy to use, fairly cost friendly and users are familiar and comfortable with its layout. Great news, those ads are probably worse than the commercial breaks on TV in between cliff hangers of your favourite shows. But auto-playlists can be activated using a ‘Music’ tab in the app, which recommends endless songs based on your recent choices.

I hate clicking through dozens of non-video versions of a song before I can find an actual video. I listen to a lot of music on YouTube, and my biggest pet peeve is that I have to keep the damn app open and the screen on when I’m doing it.
With All-Access, I already have Youtube Music Key and can listen to music from youtube within the GPM app. If they dont get you with gpm, then YouTube music is another brand the consumer will go to.
They already link from the Music audio track to the music video on youtube so why not just make it seamless and integrate youtube videos into the Music library? Whether it’s the latest summer hit or a classic jazz tune, odds are you’ll find it on YouTube.
That’s particularly true of official music videos, but it’s increasingly the case with user-generated content, as well. You can customize the YouTube music playlist by reordering videos by hovering your mouse over the video until you see a grey vertical bar to the left of the check box. Check out the Music Channel feature on RealPlayer Daily Videos to see what’s hot each week. You can make your playlists public (anyone can see them), unlisted (only people with the link can view it), or private (only you and up to 50 others who you invite can view them). Go to the Vevo channel, click the Videos link, then from the Uploads drop-down menu, select Playlists. The YouTube Music Discovery Project features playlists centered around artists such as Bruno Mars, Eminem, and Miley Cyrus, including her twerk-infested “We Can’t Stop” video. I find it frustrating that I can’t listen to a YouTube playlist with ear phones in and my phone in my pocket while washing the dishes.
If the new YTM app allows me to easily find and listen to music while my phone is off and in my pocket, it might just be enough to convince me to give it a shot. The dedicated apps are for a paired down, focused interface that you can’t have when catering to everything.
The two most popular reason people use YT is for music and for gaming, so separating them out into their own apps makes sense to me.

If you don’t mind a few ads interfering with the flow of the music (which just makes it more like radio), then you can easily rock out to a YouTube mix playlist. Whenever you return to YouTube, you’ll find your playlists near the top left corner under your name.
A simple YouTube search can sometimes yield good results if you’re looking for, say, a playlist of 1980s music. You can also enter an artist or song, click the “Disco!” button, and up to 100 related videos will automatically appear in a YouTube music playlist, from official videos to fan-created clips. For those who just use YT for gaming stuff, you have a much more streamlined way of watching and discovering the content that you want to see most.
Fortunately, you can create YouTube playlists of your favorite tunes to keep the music flowing. You can add the video to an existing playlist or you can create a new one (see image below for creating a YouTube playlist).
Unfortunately, you can’t search by genre or decade, so you’ll have to find those types of videos on your own. Some songs will be attached to an official music video, some videos are of live performances (either taken from a broadcast or captured by an audience member), while other tunes will be audio-only tracks with a still photo (or series of stills) as a placeholder in the video window.
You’ll find official channels for artists like Drake and Justin Timberlake, labels like Atlantic Records and Warner Music.
Also, be warned that in the case of fan-generated content, you may come across videos that have been taken down for copyright violations.
You’ll find playlists for its 101 favorite videos (including selections from Led Zeppelin and New Order), as well as collections of classic videos from The Cars and ZZ Top.

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