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This website uses cookies from Google to deliver its services, personalize ads, and to analyze traffic. I created this homeschool planner for our own use after trying a few other homeschool planners. Every family is different, but in our house, school does not start and stop at a certain time; instead, we learn as we live, and life must still go on. I like to wake up very early and start my morning with devotions and prayer, followed by a few minutes of filling out this daily planner.

For this section I print the Quarterly Academic planner on the first page, then print the weekly planning sheet and the weekly academic planner back-to-back (x12 weeks) so that when the book is open I can see the 2 weekly planning pages side by side. There are 2 cover pages, one for my planner and one for the kids’ binders, which I use to keep a record of our work. Check out her real hair and eye color & learn about her health (smoker?) & her beauty types & tips. A I was frustrated that I couldn’t find anything to incorporate all the different facets of our homeschool day and week. A The first tab is for our homeschool day pages, followed by a tab for student goals, and then 1 tab for each quarter.
A It helps keep me focused on the priorities of the day, reminding me of what we need to accomplish and setting the tone for a calm and peaceful day.

A For our family it is just as important to develop their character as their academic skills, so we include goals for both. A You are welcome to use part of it or all of it, and I welcome your feedback if you find something that works even better for your family!
A We do a new memory verse each week, so I find that re-writing it each morning helps me to remember it better myself.

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