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South Korean men have a particular kind of image - hard-drinking, hard-working and prepared to fight bravely for their country. Whether it tips the balance in a job interview or client presentation is one thing, but what do women make of it all? France is to deport the far-right leader of the Russian footballer supporters' association and 19 of his fellow fans after violence in Marseille. A law designed to combat indecent exposure and drunken abuse of the police has led to much speculation as to whether or not miniskirts will be deemed illegal once the law comes into effect today.
Under Park Chung-hee’s dictatorship in the 1970s, women could not wear skirts shorter than a government-approved length.
The law is also designed to punish people who abuse the police when under the influence of alcohol, but critics allege the new legislation gives law-enforces too much power.
A penalty for ‘indecent exposure’ has attracted the most attention, as it would fine anyone convicted of the crime ?50,000. When police charge an individual with committing a crime, if the individual lacks any personal identification and refuses to undergo a fingerprint test, police can give them additional punishment. The 19th National Assembly should reform and strongly consider abolishing the the new criminal code that the 18th National Assembly passed without appropriate review or self-reflection. Hong Sungsoo, a professor of law at Sookmyung Women’s University, offered the criticism, ‘the content of the new criminal code overlaps with much of the current body of law. Lee Sang-kyu, member of the National Assembly and the United Progressive Party, stated that ‘the new criminal code was rushed through the legislative process far too quickly. In regards to the recent controversy over fines for indecent exposure, the only change in the new law is from the immediate indictment process used earlier to a delayed procedural process. For a limited time until the law comes into effect, it is completely free to expose yourself! So, Hankyoreh, then what are we supposed to do about people like that who cause trouble and act in such an objectionable way? Help us maintain a vibrant and dynamic discussion section that is accessible and enjoyable to the majority of our readers. No matter what women wear they have always and will always be seen as sexual objects in the eyes of heterosexual men. What makes women empowerment difficut to achieve in a still male-dominating, but progessively changing time is that some women are vocal in ensuring equal treatment as the same human beings as men, whereas other women often take advantage of sexual prejudices against women as their tool to their advantage which sometimes reinforces men’s biased preconception of women in what some men see as women as objects of sexual intercourse rather than partners on the equal footing.
Thus, in what appears to be an endlessly blame game for women’s underdog status in society, part of blame for any interruption to the advancement of women status should go to some women themselves. What this means is that not all guys regard women as sexual objects, hence characterization of one sex as a certian frame risks oversimplication, though such a generalization mainly stems from firsthand awuful expericences from those emotionally charged. The blame should instead go to the parents who teach daughters to behave a certain way such as telling them the only way to succeed is to climb the social ladder through a marriage to a wealthy man, and to those who let their sons carry chauvinistic views. Korean women can do anything they want to, from being awesome in figure skating to dominating the LPGA, to being president of the ROK .. The gist of my commentary with regard to equality of men and women is that if one gender delivers a blistering attack on the other as a whole for what the former see as solidified and perpetualized glass ceilings by thr latter, this castigation is hardly helpful in bringing out improved gender equality.
The crucial but oft-overlooking approach for enhanced gender equality is to build consensus on necessity for changes in treating, educating and employing women, a much better way than one assigning blame for female discrimination to men, which only provokes a controversy. As you rightly point out, if it is societal structure that needs overhauling for more equal ground for women, it is more necessary to strike an agreement allowing men and women to reflect on gender issues, rather than pointing an angry finger at men for all kinds of discriminations women face.
You don’t think it’s progressing with the younger generation because it has to? True, I can see that women’s rights are growing and more women exhibit excellence as time passes. The more the citizens realize the importance of feminism, the harder the backlash on the internet. Just 3 years ago corporal punishment in schools was banned in the major cities and wasn’t there a student bills of rights introduced? I’m pretty sure this law was made to get rid of the Chinese guys who walk around with their shirts rolled up over their bellies in public. The basis of this law relies on the assumption that women are responsible for their own rapes and that men have no control over their own sexual urges. If this law is able in any way to curb public urination and drunken ranting I’ll gladly trade that for a couple less inches of agashi thigh. SMH, this just gives more power to the cops and an very easy way to fine women being how popular miniskirts are as the fashion trend. Right, one thing I don’t get is that there are no clear definitions of what would cause someone to be uncomfortable or embarrassed.
I thought the law about not helping a public official is fucked up and could be easily abused what with all the crooked politicians.
If embarassment and discomfort is the ground for the miniskirt-restricting law, all of actions that create those feelings should be also subject to the issuance of fines.

Further going, although it is a rarity in Korea, protestors occassionally use nudity as an effective tool to broaden the reach of their demonstration.
Should those activists or artistic performers in the nude be subject to penalty provided by what human rights activist describes as a justification for possible violations of human rights?
But changes should be made in the treatment of dunkards especially when those drunken who go on the rampage go overboard.
Gallery shelves let you change out photographs or artwork without having all those nail holes in the wall. Today, I’ll show you how to build gallery wall shelves like the ones we have in our hallway. A nail gun is not an absolute necessity for doing this project, but it’ll make all of your future DIY projects a whole-heck-of-a-lot easier.
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Hi, after reading this remarkable paragraph i am also delighted to share my familiarity here with colleagues. But now major cosmetics companies are seeing a different side to Korean manhood - a growing interest in skincare products, and even foundation. Men also could not grow their hair longer than a certain length, leading to situations where the police would grab long-haired men on the street and shave them.
Lawmakers claim the law has been ‘abused’, as it continues to impose penalties for crimes reminiscent of past eras, noticeably indecent exposure and breaking the government-imposed curfew. Among the laws which can be punished with ‘a fine of up to ?100,000 or imprisonment’ are ‘obstructing the activities or beliefs of a group or an individual through malicious acts’. Human rights organizations could bring charges of human rights violations against police who force someone to give up physical evidence from their body. The reformed criminal code states that ‘individuals under the influence of alcohol who use vulgar language or are abusive within public buildings may be fined up to ?600,000 or face imprisonment’. The extremely poor individuals who make their living from begging in the subway stations can now be fined up to ?100,000. People who ‘refuse a request for help from a government employee during a disaster, fire, traffic accident, crime, or other sudden incident without appropriate reason despite being in close proximity’ can be fined up to ?100,000. In Germany, a lingerie company was able to put up this ad, announcing a sale where customers could exchange their used lingerie for new ones. Actually, the punishment has been reduced from a court trial, ?100,000 fine and minimum 30 days in jail to just a ?50,000 fine. Do you think street protests and demonstrations are the same thing as democracy, or that it makes you the intelligentsia? Do you think that all of the trash you read on the internet, in SNS, or hear through rumor is the absolute truth?
When you criticise the government you should at least provide an alternative and not just whine like a child who has hurt feelings. Also, the way the education system is set up is they hardly ever actually educate students on gender equality.
Proof is the lower birthrate and Korean women not getting married early to start families, focusing on education and careers instead, thats whats happening in any developed nation. However, they are at a deadlock when the job environmen and some sexist elders limit the ability that women can flourish.
The comments are very misogynist and it is said that even some immature adolescents try to imitate others by writing such comments too. I’ve noticed lots of younger people in Korea just blaming the culture and society without having any real answers either. I’ve seriously had it up to here with all the slut-shaming that so permeates Korean culture.
And more troubling is, as one commentators displayed his infatuation with the above girl in the photo, some women with short pants on may create pleasure for some passers by while other spectaculars find it embarassing.

Drunkun scuffles and wrangling inside police stations during the weekend’s night have long been a real nuisance, but a scene that have been treated with great tolerance because of South Koreans is ususally tolerant of alcohol-induced mistakes or fuss.
I love the idea of having a gallery wall, but I also like to change and rearrange things quite often. If you’re just starting out with doing carpentry projects, this is perfect because you only have to make straight cuts.
If you’re not using a nail gun, you will need to countersink the nails with a nail punch.
I bought something similar at IKEA to display books in my son’s room, but these are much prettier (and cheaper in the end). The molding I used is still showing up on Lowe’s website so they may be ship it free to your store. Amore Pacific's Lim Jung-shik estimates that 20% of young men now wear some kind of foundation occasionally, and that there is no conflict with Korea's macho, competitive culture."In the West, if a guy wore make-up or a group of men walked into a make-up store, people might think they were gay.
Police have explained that ‘the objective of the law is not to prohibit miniskirts’, but since the standard of ‘parts of the body that should remain covered’ is ambiguous, there is concern that it could lead to subjective applications of the law whenever a police officer personally feel it is appropriate. The definition of a ‘malicious act’ seems to also be quite vague and has been criticised for its possible misuse. This is a law that appeared during Park Geun-hye’s first session of the National Assembly.
Does justice amount to nothing more than distrusting the government and cursing the president? So the government controls everything and everyone in power and manipulates everything through conspiracies? Even teachers, esp those that are senior, make misogynist speeches that girls should dress up this way, girls should behave that way etc. I just wish these young students grow up and throw away what those sexist comments ingrained in their minds. Feminism studies is cool but I think this instant gratification generation needs to have a little more patience and stand up and fight when the time comes ..
Theses ledges would also look gorgeous in a dining room or kitchen displaying a row of plates. I think it is well worth paying extra for something that is already sanded and primed because all the boring prep work is already done for you.
The moulding that I used is called Coronado crown and the bar code number is #7-16781-01290-2. I just joined your blog and hope you will join me to read about Missouri Farm Life and more.
I went to Home Depot for all supplies except the crown and my total cost was about $90 ($60 for just the crown alone).
The country's biggest cosmetics company, Amore Pacific, estimates growth is now even higher at around 14%, and puts the market's annual value at almost $900m (?562m).
Koreans have become more uneasy given the family history of the new president, as many of the controversial laws were emblematic of the Park Chung-hee era.
She focuses on petty crimes to arrest ordinary citizens and ignores the tax evasion practiced by chaebol chairmen and bureaucrats. Korean women are the backbone of Korean culture and I firmly believe in them, Where did the love and sense of jeong go?
Even my sister, who goes to a Korean school says that one of her teachers frequents things like “Stop talking so much. Since our shelves span between the door jambs in our hallway, I didn’t want the bottom board to jut out beyond the depth of the jambs.
There is no mention of make-up, but the beige cream does what any other foundation does - covers blemishes and evens out skin tone. I don’t think Korean society is failing though, failure is when the govt spends more on prisons than education. I fell in love with this crown moulding years ago and was so happy that I found a way to use it in our home. It gives you a competitive edge."South Korea is a deeply competitive place, with some of the longest working hours in the developed world.
More than 80% of school-leavers go on to higher education, and competition for jobs at big-name companies is fierce.
These laws were still there when there were liberal governments who were in power, yet the liberal governments did not strike them down, nor were there any calls of concerns then. Given that, says Yu-jin, why wouldn't you want to look your best?"I think for guys who do use make-up, it's not that we want to appear more feminine, we just want to have a crisper, cleaner look as a guy," he said.

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