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Take the door frame and fit inside the door, making sure it opens and closes easily and the gap is enough. You can add trim, or door stop moulding behind the door frame to give your door a clean spot to close.
See how a family of four generations all living together created faux DIY sliding doors to hide coats, shoes and everyday items. The top jamb bracket includes a linkage arm that draws the pivot spindle out of the top bushing in the case, so it’s easy to install and remove the case or a door.
DIY Mystery Bookcase Door a€“ This Instructables tutorial includes 8 pictures and a complete breakdown on how to make a swingout bookcase coat closet door. Trust me, those never work, no matter how many of those little hinges you use, they always sag. That clearance is determined by the depth of the bookcase and the location of the pivot, measured from the hinge jamb toward the strike jamb–parallel with the wall.
Of course, no one would ever see the finished side near the hinge, unless they stood inside the closet.
After all, hidden bookcase doors are a lot more complicated than an ordinary doora€”there are a lot of variables, both in design and construction, especially on openings that have to swing out.
That way, the bottom shelf projects over the toe kick making it impossible to see the clearance gap between the top of the toe kick and the bottom of the bookcase. A couple of modifications we made to the plans are:- Replaced decorative hinges with the original door hinges- Added trim along the outside edge to hide the unsquare gaps and the hinges (we routered the outer edge of the trim where the hinges go, and they are completely hidden!A I think adding trim to the plan would be a great addition, because it allows you to hide the hinges if you like, which was the appeal to the "secret bookcase door".
It’s easy to position the door directly under the spindle, then run the set screw back in, pinning the door into place. I sized the shim to just touch the bottom of the case when the door is closed, which prevents any minor settling. Nothing says old money like a piano and a room hidden behind warm wood floor-to-ceiling bookshelves. DIY host Paul Ryan shows how to prep a closet for a new door by taking off the trim and existing door. At the closet door jamb, I traced the mortise for the linkage arm onto the existing head jamb.

I’ve tried installing wheels and rollers on the bottoms of swinging bookcases, and they work okay, as long as the floor is a smooth, hard surface, and if there are no throw rugs, though sometimes the roller leaves a tell-tale track on the floor, especially over carpet.
For cutting dados, I normally use a templates guide on my router, which makes it easier to build a compact template, and provides a cleaner tighter dado, but I was lazy. Admit it, you’ve always wanted your own secret bookshelf door to conceal a secret lair (or at least your closet). I started this project with a two-dimensional drawing, one that allowed me to pivot the door in the drawing. When Brooke wrote me asking to draw up plans for a bookshelf inset inside a door, I couldn’t wait to draw plans.
Hidden Closet, Bookshelves, Hidden Doors, Diy Bookca, Bookshelf Doors, Secret Doors, Secret Bookcase Door More.
Besides, butt hinges only work on swing-in bookcasesa€”there’s no way to hide them completely on a swing-out design. I’ve seen and installed a lot of bookcase doors, many that swing on regular butt hinges. Sometimes, dead plumb and perfectly square aren’t the only concerns when hanging a door, bookshelf or otherwise. Plus it’s almost impossible to really hide the joints in the baseboard, no matter how cleverly you disguise them. When I’m hanging a door, I usually set the door perpendicular to the jamb, place it on the bottom pivot, then lean it back against the top pivot.
Without a doubt, I’ve never built a perfect pivot bookcase, but I’m getting a lot closer! The bottom pivot includes two pieces: the bottom pivot spindle which mounts directly to the floor (upper right, in photo to the right), and the bottom bearing (lower right), which must be mortised into the bottom of the door.
Cos we've got enough Podcast material to keep you occupied for roughly 2 years and 147 days. Maybe it’s the mystery or the suspense that is created when the door is opened or maybe it’s just the fact that everyone likes to have something that they feel is only theirs, a secret space that nobody knows about.View in galleryA secret bookcase door under the stairs, cleverly hidden from everyoneBut secret bookcase doors are actually not that difficult to incorporate into a home’s design.
The real improvement in this design is swinging the bookcase above the baseboard, so it won’t drag on a throw rug and can be trimmed out without any visible gaps.

I attached the plinth blocks with trim head screws, and the casing, too, especially the strike side piece that remains on the cabinet and acts as stop when the cabinet swings closed. It’s vital to have a complete understanding of the whole picture, otherwise you have to move hardwareA after everything is installed (one guess how I know this). The top pivot is a standard model 340, consisting of a retractable jamb-mounted pivot spindle and finished cover plate (middle and upper left), which are mortised into the jamb head, and a top guide (lower left), which is mortised into the top of the door. To prevent the case from sagging, I dadoed the sides to accept the shelves (see photo, right), something I don’t always do for built in cases.
If you would like to also build this bookshelf doorway, the plans follow with instructions on modifying the plans to fit your doorway. That way, I have comfortable control over the door while backing out the set screw and retracting the top spindle.
We drilled a hole through the side for the deadbolt install and to get access to it, but it could also work if a builder would want to install a simple hook and eye latch, public-bathroom-style.
Before assembling the pieces, I pre-finished everything, a lesson learned the hard way after making dozens of bookcasesa€”it’s just too hard to finish all those inside corners and edges without getting runs, drips, and finish all over my wrists.
Learn how to convert an existing door into a bookcase; includes stepbystep instructions along with tips.
If the internal structure of your home allows you to, you can even find a small room and hide it behind a bookcase with a secret door.
Pivot hinges are the only way to fly when it comes to supporting a heavy bookcase and achieving an invisible door. That tiny room can be your quiet place, where you can read, listen to music or simply relax and get away from everything whenever you need some peace and quiet.

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