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I find the marketing section of lesson 11 very valuable as it is the key to getting your book out there.
If you are serious about making passive income online with Kindle books, I highly suggest that you check out his course.
Kindle DX does not reflow PDF content, therefore you cannot increase the font size of all those technical papers.
No Wi-Fi means you need a cable to upload a book or paper you just downloaded from the net outside Amazon Store (or pay a fee to get it delivered via e-mail). Only black and white (a few charts might benefit from being rendered in their original color). If you are still with me, then leta€™s see a few examples of how some native (mobi) and PDF books and technical papers are rendered.
The second image is from a free PDF version of the famous book Syntax and Semantics of Programming Languages.
Compare instead to the smaller font used in C# in Depth (great book by the way): this are just a bit too small for my taste, even though I managed to read almost half the book this way.
Eventually the editor finally released a mobi version, where I could set a bigger font size, as shown in the following picture. I wanted a device optimized for reading (with as few distractions as possible) and Kindle DX delivered as expected.
Wi-fi (as found for example in the Kindle 3) would simplify downloading content from your PC without resorting to the micro-USB cable. I do not own a Kindle3, therefore I cannot say I have tried putting the same books there and see how they look like. I was also thinking that Netbook would be better option as an alternative to kindle, but backup time and display took me back. You can’t beat the e-ink for readability and low consumption (I have an iPad2 as well).
Hi, Could you please comment on the device performance when the size of the book is above say 5 MB. AboutThis is the personal blog site of Stefano Ricciardi collecting his thoughts, discoveries and rants on software development (more). HOW-TO GEEK BOOKSRead our first book, the HTG Guide to Windows 8, or check our upcoming books. Enter your email below to get exclusive access to our best articles and tips before everybody else. If you’ve got one of the newer Kindle devices, you’ve got the ability to read PDF files built right in—very convenient, but how does it work?
Note: this isn’t exactly rocket science, and the majority of Kindle owners probably already know how to do this, but we figured we’d cover how to do it anyway just in case you’re considering buying a Kindle.
The first thing you’ll want to do is connect the Kindle to your PC with the USB cable, and wait until the screen changes to the USB display. You’ll find that some PDF files look great, and some other ones don’t look as good—just depends on how they are formatted. You can mess with the size of the display, but your best bet is to switch the Screen Rotation using the Aa button—landscape mode helps make small fonts readable without a lot of panning around.
In case you’re wondering about the book in the pictures, it’s Focus by Leo Babauta, and there’s a free version available. Lowell Heddings, better known online as the How-To Geek, spends all his free time bringing you fresh geekery on a daily basis.
For the most part, a lot of PDF files on a Kindle result in very small (and barely readable) text.
The best way I’ve found is a two step conversion process using Calibre (which is also the best program to manage your ebook library).

Also I found that while Mobipocket Creator can do all this, you still get some formatting issues like the lack of paragraphs which can be very annoying.
Is there anyway around the problem of locked due to copyrights; example, downloading from a library? I want to ask the same question to Edrei that Alex has… What do you mean by preprocessing options? Rich, I’ve converted quite a few using Calibre but the formatting is, more often than not, destroyed! I did try the PDF to LIT as described above, with Heuristic ON, but I just get an error about 15 seconds in! I have exactly the same problem with Igor,my Kindle 3G used to read PDF and now it doesnt.Can someone help? Igor, Dimitri – Have you tried to remove all of your pdf’s then just adding 1 into the documents folder? Hi i’ve got a question, can we upload documents which we’ve downloaded from the net onto the kindle? Karl, if you are having problems emailing your pdf’s then digital rights management might be to blame. Mike, if you are trying to convert your book but the formatting keeps getting destroyed, you might want to hire someone to professionally convert your book. Duokan is much better in any way than Kindle’s native pdf viewer, not to mention djvu support. DID YOU KNOW?The most common prescription bottle color is orange; the color is just the right hue to prevent light from damaging photosensitive medication, while allowing enough visible light into the container to illuminate the contents.
Disclaimer: Most of the pages on the internet include affiliate links, including some on this site. You can convert bunch of files from different formats to one format one-time, so you can read your books on your favorite device no matter what formats the ebooks are or where you bought them from. Advanced technology endorses for the excellent conversion quality, the conversion between EPUB & Mobi is able to keep over 90% of the original quality, so does convert EPUB or Mobi to PDF. If you experience a problem whilst using our software an instant troubleshooting guide will pop up to help you find a solution.
Edit meta data, you can customize the cover, author, title, publisher, date, and some other meta information of a book. Epubor Ultimate helps you reading books anywhere, include the best eBook Converter and eBook DRM Removal functions.
I followed all of his methods and was able to generate some decent income as shown at the beginning of the post.
A word of caution: the quality of the photos themselves is barely tolerable and I apologize for it. This is one of the best PDF experience you can get, since the font size and margins are pretty about perfect for the dimensions of the DX.
Note that I am showing exactly the same portion as above, so that you can get a feeling of the difference between PDF and mobi: PDF is usually better looking, while mobi is usually easier to read. The battery lasts weeks and weeks if you turn 3G off when you dona€™t need it, so you can be assured that even on a long travel you dona€™t risk to run out of batteries.
This would be especially useful for items downloaded from the net (technical papers, Prag Prog magazine issues, etc.).
Although I dona€™t use the internal dictionary too often for technical documents, I surely have to when reading some fiction (Gullivera€™s Travels had a lot of weird words!
However, I think it’s safe to say that the screen size of a Kindle3 would be way too small for a code listing or an image to show properly.
My guess is that the experience of reading technical books on a smaller display would be less than satisfactory.

Well, PDF reading capability of Kindle 3, also Kindle DX must be enhanced for readers like us, who want to swap pages quickly and want to see codes and illustrations. Tablet form factor is also a winner when you want to read and travel light (from the beach to the train). Most of the regular novels are below 1MB but because of the special formatting of the code in technical books the size may increase a lot.
First to convert the PDF to LIT and then from LIT to MOBI, both with the preprocessing option turned on. I think you can strip the DRM by uploading your ebook into Calibre and switching the format. About 50% of the PDFs I try are unreadable because the size is too small,and the zoom function is inadequate.
Convert PDF to other format is a worldwide challenge for all the software developers on this planet, therefore we can't guarantee a satisfied result. You can access the specific user manual in the link below, and it is also included with the program installation. It is now good passive income stream for me after 16 hours of work to publish these 2 books.
In his course, he will show you the nitty gritty details on how to write the book or outsource it. Too bad that the prices for many e-books are pretty much the same as their paper equivalent. On some photos you can see a distinct barrel distortion due to the point and shoot camera I used. I am bit compulsive when it comes to organizing my files, so I would like to have the freedom to create any reasonable folder structure as I see fit. However, I’ve found that there are still formatting errors when it comes to converting PDF straight to MOBI. This way, the PDF conversion won’t get the odd truncated formatting and you can treat it like any other ebook.
Samsung, Sony etc but think that the Kindle is by far the best value and the books seem cheaper on Amazon than other sites.
If you purchased this item from Amazon, delete the item and download it from Archived items”.
I used to regularly email personal pdf articles to my kindle email (a very useful function) but this is now no longer working. It seems like everyone in the industry is charging at least $150 for a personal conversion, but I only charge an Andrew Jackson. The situation is made worse by the fact that the the screen ratio is designed for the US domestic market (letter proportions) and most people in the world use A4. As a Computer Science student, i too was wondering to get all my technical books inside this sleek tool and save myself from hassle of carrying bulk around.
Otherwise, if you play around with html and Calibre enough you should be able to accomplish any goal. Translation from PDF to ebook format will rarely be adequate because text flow in PDFs is not necessarily in the sequence of reading.

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