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Scientific evidence of the benefits of cannabis is just as authentic and real as the scientific evidence of dinosaurs. Overall I would rate this bobber motorcycle a 5 out of 5, as this bobber has the safety equipment that is needed. Matt Storms is an avid motorcyclist, he has ridden all over the world and has had a great time doing it. This entry was posted in Honda VT750 ST Bobber Motorcycle and tagged Bobber Motorcycle, Honda VT750 ST, Honda VT750 ST Bobber Motorcycle. I think that the exhaust is great, the wrapped look that just goes straight into a really nice pipe that looks like it came off an R6.

Sometimes when we see a motorcycle these days they have to be so over the top that they are not street legal (think OCC) and they look pretty but you will get pulled over without your TV crew. Matt also teaches MSF and he wants people to be safe, please wear a full face helmet to protect yourself and your family.
If you own the rights to any photos and want them removed, please let me know and I will do so. The standard location of the radiator is right behing the front tire it has now been relocated under the seat. I love to talk about bobber motorcycles and I even trash talk bobber motorcycles as well sometimes.

The V-Twin motor is a naked engine design that AFT Customs pioneered with a VT750 performance kit, top end narrowed 2 inch. The license plate rotates from vertical to horizontal, which is cool as some states say it has to be horizontal.

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