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I can see it now on thumb hole FAL stocks, heat them with a blow torch until the plastic is soft and smush them in with your hand for a custom grip. Originally Posted By rkbar15: Originally Posted By widerstehe: Speaking of Evil Thumbhole stocks, I am hard at work devising a way to FILL THE HOLE!!!! My thought is, if it was a hole in the stump and a tapered plunger in the "PG", it would not actually be AFFIXED to the gun.
Originally Posted By bjb4242: I wonder what the reaction of a trooper would be to see this.
The food safety inspection checklist is vital in assuring that you serve safe food and drinks to your guest and staff members. The purpose of this form is to identify potential food safety issues in your restaurant or bar. If the food safety issue poses a direct health threat to your customers or staff members, then it should be corrected immediately, and then documented during the inspection process. The Food Safety Inspection Form is a 11 page document, the first page is displayed below for you to view. Employee Conduct Performance Agreement Form is an excellent way to hold your employee accountable for their actions. The use of the employee conduct performance agreement form is beneficial in reducing employee related issues. 15 Minutes prior to any peak time use this check-list to to make sure you are ready to serve the guest and to ensure that you have enough product to get through the meal period with out running out of product. When you have the kitchen stocked and ready to go, your kitchen staff can focus on preparing food for your customers. Do you have a way to ensure that your restaurant kitchen is set up and organized prior to the restaurant opening the front doors for your customers? Use the restaurant opening kitchen checklist to ensure a smooth opening that your customers deserve. By using this form correctly and consistently will ensure the shift is set up during any meal period and that you are setting up the next shift. Managers should review any discrepancies with the kitchen staff so they know your expectations.
This is a great form to allow your trainer and the training participants to give input on the training.
This is a great restaurant form to ensure that each kitchen staff member is trained and prepared to begin working solo. If someone isn't able to complete the training, then the person can be considered for a different position or you have the documentation to support the reason to let them go. The restaurant cook test is a valuable tool to ensure the all your cook's are on the same page. Take this in consideration as well, when you hire a cook you have to train them how you want them to act.

Do you presently have issues with under ordering or over ordering foods and drink products for your restaurant?
The restaurant food order form is a fantastic tool to help you get your food and drink ordering levels under control. 1) Monitoring food temperatures can dramatically reduce food borne illness in your restaurant, because you quickly reacted to falling food temperatures .
2) Helps prevent cold food from being delivered to you customers which can create customer complaints.
Are you tired of not knowing how much alcohol inventory you have on hand in your restaurant? The manager on duty before they are done with the shift should record any deliveries for the day on to the alcohol vendor form. Every two hours check for foods that are kept in a steam table need to be at 165°F, which is the holding temperature.
When prepping hot foods you must bring down the temperatures in a three step cooling process.
Do you know what happens when you cut raw meat and fresh vegetables on the same cutting board?
Using the Salad prep sheet will reduce waste, spoilage and will help better prepare the shift especially during peak times.
The opening manager first thing in the morning should do an inventory of items from the prep sheet. Train your servers or salad prep person on how to use this sheet, the importance of rotating products, and why to prep the correct amounts. When you use a par sheet, it will help reduce food spoilage and food waste due to having too much food stocked for the shift. The use of this form consistently and correctly is key to a healthier bottom line and great customer service.
Use this kitchen form to track how much frozen food of each item must be pulled from the freezer.
You could have a C shaped stub or something that would allow the engagement of a removable "thing" lets call it a Firing Assist Device, or Firing Assist Grip? As long as friction could hold in on while shooting, and the assembly was metal reinforced so it would not simply break off under recoil, it should be perfectly legal. The first 3 pages are actually the kitchen inspection form and the remaining 5 pages is the restaurant action plan. This two page restaurant form is an excellent resource for closing the Kitchen and Back of House (BOH). You need accountability to pinpoint who closed the kitchen and what areas were closed down properly. This checklist will help you ensure that each kitchen employee received training in all levels.

Your cook's need to possess the necessary knowledge to properly serve your customers safely and professionally. Cook's may have been trained in other positions at their previous jobs, although without conducting a full background check or telephone reference checks we will never know.
Check the temperature of equipment and food to assure that everything is at the proper temperature.
By cleaning and sanitizing the meat slicers at the beginning and the end of the shift reduces the chances of bacteria growth dramatically. Employees should use the meat slicer cleaning procedure sign-off form at the beginning and the end of the shift. Once you know how much of a specific item you have you will be able to calculate how much product you need to get through the day and night. This is a great form to use to determine how much of each product is needed in the kitchen during any shift or meal period. DEFILING A BEAUTIFUL OBJECT LIKE THAT! That's a goddamn BACK saw for miter cuts! USE THE RIGHT TOOL NEXT TIME.
The morning kitchen staff will be more prepared and they are more likely to leave the kitchen in order for the evening shift. This would include food that is out-dated, cooking mistakes, ordering errors and food that could be contaminated. Owners, managers or supervisors should verify that the meat slicers were properly broke down, cleaned and sanitized at the beginning and the end of the shift. This form will help you be aware of what was pulled to avoid too much pulled and it spoils or too little pulled and you run out of something during dinner. Just take out the set screw and the springs drops out taking the pressure off the safety selector detent so you can take out your safety selector and the rest of your fire control group if necessary. Learning how to clean a meat slicer will reduce any possible chance of a health liability or lawsuit. Using a system to date food and also to make staff members aware of which food should be used first is important to help you prevent loss of food due to spoilage.
Even if you aren't ready to start doing an inventory, simply starting to use a waste sheet will help you get on track with food that is being wasted. You currently have two items in inventory (INV) that were left from yesterday and are still safe to use today.
Just make sure that the date stickers are able to withstand dampness, refrigeration and heat. The best kitchens all over the world use some form of tools to help decrease customer complaints and increase restaurant revenues.

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