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Employees roll joints at the Medicine Man marijuana dispensary in Denver, as it prepares to open as a recreational outlet. One week after the nation's first recreational marijuana stores opened in Colorado, Alaska activists submitted what appear to be enough signatures to put marijuana legalization before voters. The Alaska Campaign to Regulate Marijuana submitted 45,000 signatures a€“ 15,000 more than needed a€“ on Wednesday for a ballot measure that would legalize possession of 1 ounce of marijuana and cultivation of six plants by adults over age 21.
The pro-legalization campaigners carefully reviewed signatures before submitting them and are confident the initiative will appear on ballots.
Organizers of the initiative campaign include a retired law enforcement leader and a University of Alaska Anchorage professor. A March 2013 poll by Greenberg Quinlan Rosner Research found 60 percent support for marijuana legalization in Alaska. In California, there may be as many as four ballot measures for voters to consider in November. The most radical proposal a€“ the California Cannabis Hemp Initiative a€“ would allow residents to grow 99 flowering marijuana plants and possess up to 12 pounds of cannabis. Supporters of the three other proposed initiatives a€“ each offering different specifications a€“ have not started to collect signatures.
Another proposal, offered by the Drug Policy Alliance, is modeled on Washington state's law, but unlike in Washington - where possession is legal but personal cultivation is not - the initiative would allow six marijuana plants per residence.
California voters rejected a 2010 marijuana legalization measure by a seven-point margin, but recent polls show support is on the upswing.
Some national pro-legalization groups, including the American Civil Liberties Union and the MPP, have urged Californians to wait until 2016 to pitch legalization initiatives. Oregon voters rejected an initiative to legalize marijuana in 2012, but the issue likely will get another chance this November. There are two routes for another ballot battle: Either state legislators can refer a proposal to voters or residents can petition for the question to appear on ballots. Anthony Johnson, director of New Approach Oregon, a pro-legalization coalition, says activists will work to get an initiative on the ballot if the legislature fails to do so.
The possibility state legislators will refer a legalization proposal is "50-50 at best," he says. If the legislature adjourns a€“ in late February or early March a€“ without referring the issue to voters, Johnson says his coalition will immediately begin collecting the required 87,000 signatures. New Approach Oregon's initiative language would legalize marijuana for adults over 21 and allow state-regulated stores to open. Polls seem to confirm that optimism: A Greenberg Quinlan Rosner Research poll of likely 2014 voters in May found support for legalization at 63 percent. In Arizona, grassroots activists hope they can pull off a voter-driven victory for legalization in 2014, even though many national marijuana advocates are keeping their distance. Safer Arizona is attempting to gather 300,000 signatures by July 3 to get its legalization measure before voters in November. Unlike nearly every other state-level legalization proposal, the Arizona initiative would set the marijuana age at 18.
Clark says the group is beginning to see an uptick in interest and has signed up 35 new volunteer canvassers since Jan. If enacted, the Arizona initiative would permit residents to possess 2.5 ounces of marijuana and grow 12 plants. Residents in the nation's capital also may get a chance to vote on legalization in November. The board will deny the proposal if it decides it involves appropriation of city funds a€“ a determination that's doomed other initiatives a€“ but campaign coordinator Adam Eidinger tells U.S. The activists filed a decriminalization ballot measure as a trial balloon last year and used the board's rejection as a roadmap for writing the legalization proposal. The campaign leader notes the ballot language will cap the number of plants per residence at 12 to head off fears about fraternity houses with 100 plants. Councilman David Grosso, an independent, introduced a legalization bill in the 13-member city council in September.
Polaris’ latest creation, the Slingshot has had troubles being accepted by the DMV in certain states.
However, since the problems the Slingshot has to deal with were different from place to place, multiple solutions were needed. Apparently the most difficult step was taking care of things in Connecticut and this was the trigger for efforts pursuing the creation of another vehicle category. In addition, the House Bill 6822 exempts the autocycle drivers from the state’s helmet law.
Helmets and goggles are not mandatory, but a motorcycle license is needed to drive the Slingshot in Indiana, even though Polaris and Elio tried to obtain an exempt. Polaris’s troubles still linger in Maryland, as the vehicle legislation still has the windshield and the exhaust location on the iffy things list.
Considering the absolutely lax control over who may drive in many states (illegal aliens, people with extensive DUI records, etc) it is without defence to haggle over whether a vehicle should be called a motorcycle or a automobile.
In April, 2011 Washington State law was modified to allow private ownership AND use of firearm suppressors.
Since suppressors are now legal to own AND shoot in Washington State, we allow their use at The English Pit Shooting Range. Suppressed FirearmsSuppressors (often referred to as a silencer) are now legal to be used in Washington State.
The follow up to that is to ban weapons (starting with rifles first) that allow detachable magazines. If what I read is correct, though, Moe, they did ban possession of magazines with more than 7 round capacity, with a year’s grace to get rid of them. Consider the practical results in Chicago where, last time I checked, the City and State are colluding to repeatedly challenge the Supremes to make DC v. I find Obama’s fascination with gun control after Sandy Hook to be in line with his hiring policies… racist! Seriously, guns in Chicago kill ten times as many black kids as the Sandy Hook dude killed white kids ..

As per recent changes in FTC guidelines, please note that I am an Amazon Affiliate for Maryland and that I receive a commission on items purchased via Amazon links on this site. The background is from Maxfield Parrish's Ecstasy, and is (to the best to my knowledge) in the public domain.
This billing statement template can be used for invoice tracking, simple customer account management, and general billing. This type of billing statement is useful when you receive regular payments from a customer, such as a tenant in one of your rental properties. This Billing Statement spreadsheet can be a simple alternative to other small business billing software.
This billing statement is not automated like other billing software might be, but it also doesn't require you to be an expert at Excel. When adding additional rows to the Account Activity section, make sure you insert the row above the gray 'current balance' line, so that the balance formula updates correctly.
If you print hard copies, you should print and send two copies, so that your customer can keep one and enclose the copy with their check. One of the critical features of accounts receivable software, invoice tracking software, and billing software is the ability to apply a customer's payment to a specific invoice or multiple invoices. Purchase order tracking: You can also use this billing statement for tracking purchase orders. Politicians have always labored under the entirely mistaken impression that one can keep people from doing what they actually want to do, or that markets can be suppressed by outlawing them. After Germany’s reunification, old medical records and statistics were rediscovered in the former GDR, which allowed researchers to complete the historical record back to 1871, when Germany was first unified. It turns out that kids don’t like to be told how their food should be prepared either. During a hearing before the House Subcommittee on Early Childhood, Elementary, and Secondary Education, chaired by Rep. Kids have even taken to posting pictures of the inedible school fare on Twitter under the hashtag #thanks Michelle Obama. Government cannot force people to conform to its ideas of what is or isn’t healthy and what they therefore may or may not ingest. Select your preferred way to display the comments and click "Save settings" to activate your changes. Don't these dumbass kids understand they're being conditioned for a future life in the National Socialist FEMA concentration work camps. I floated the idea of shipping the orange cones they used to block the National Park entrances when that debacle happened.
In junior high, the boys used to get lunches of snips and snails and puppy dog tails while the girls got sugar and spice and other niceties.
Putin is sitting before a computer screen like a high frequency trader watching the numbers and characters dance around each other. I'd buy a couple bags of Jolly Ranchers and took them to school in a hollowed out windbreaker. I learned about opportunity costs in a big way - altered prices etc till I was close to selling out every day.
I had a great business going selling oranges out of my locker that I had injected with vodka!
Must have been done as a reaction to her guilt trip after setting up the spaghetti fight between Honey Boo-Boo and Fatty Doo-Doo. If that kid wants to be the next Warren Buffett he should set up a van in the school parking lot offering HFC IV drips. Public school, where losers go to learn to hide under desks with scissors during an active shooting. Back in my day, lunch-swapping was a great way to get rid of the cheese whiz sandwich and trade it for a baloney one.
Of course school is out for the summer, but the FLOTUS's children go to an elite private school Sidwell Friends. It's time to raise the confederate flag high and be proud to secede from under Washington's tyranny. My kids are older now, but if they weren't, about the last place I'd want them hanging around is in a public school. Kind of like hospitals but instead of flesh eating diseases infecting the institution it's the brain eating programs. In November 2012, more than 55 percent of Colorado and Washington voters approved initiatives to legalize the drug and open state-licensed stores a€“ and polls suggest those successes may be replicated elsewhere.
Support was highest in the West a€“ where voter-driven initiatives often become law a€“ and in the Northeast.
Each of the four would legalize the drug for adults over age 21 and authorize recreational sales. He sees California as a possible pioneer in cannabinoid medical research and scoffs at more timid legalization bids. They cite the massive cost of a successful campaign and the greater likelihood of success in a presidential election year, when more young people vote. His coalition is working closely with the Drug Policy Alliance and plans to use paid and unpaid petition-gatherers.
Clark says if 18-year-old adults can vote, enlist in the military and sign contracts, they should be allowed to smoke marijuana. A January 2013 poll conducted by Public Policy Polling (PPP) found 59 percent support among Arizonans for legalizing marijuana for adults over 21.
In the meantime, the group is soliciting political endorsements and asking paid petition-gatherers to voluntarily carry around the initiative petition. Cannabis Campaign leaders plan to submit draft ballot language Friday with the city's elections board. News lawyers advising the effort are confident officials will approve the "bare-bones" and loophole-ridden proposal because it avoids enforcement matters. If it's approved, the campaigners plan to begin petition-gathering in late February or early March, with a goal of netting the required signatures by the end of June.

It's unlikely to pass in the near future, but a decriminalization bill sponsored by Tommy Wells, a Democratic councilman running for mayor, appears certain to prevail this year. The easiest way, at least in theory, was to find a way to change the legislation so that the Slingshot became compliant with one of the existing categories.
The final decision is expected by June 3, when the legislative session ends, and we might get to see Slingshots legal by summer in Connecticut. I'm in agreement with Connecticut that Texas should follow their law and classify it as a Autocycle. Washington requires a 90-day waiting period after a law is signed and before it goes into effect. All rights reserved.Designated trademarks and brands are exclusive property of their respective owners. I think I got a blood blister on my finger once, when it got pinched between the follower and the magazine wall. I suggested to somebody that we start making them out of nerf, but I don’t think the idea was taken seriously. Heller is a landmark case, but as has been *repeatedly* shown, dems will simply ignore it if they think they can do so and push someone else in front of the music.
I think we should ban all sparkling wines unless served by a government licensed sommellier.
Although not as feature-packed as other small business billing software, it may be all you need. You can keep track of a customer account balance, track invoices and payments, and mail the statement to a customer to indicate a balance due. Your customer will greatly appreciate it if you include a return envelope with your address pre-printed on the envelope.
The remittance section tells the customer where to send their check and reminds them to enclose a copy of the statement and record their customer ID on their check.
Payne, the president of Blackford County School Board of Trustees in Hartford City, Indiana. What is black and white, climbs poles, and has the support of Michael Moore AND Jessie Jackson?
In other news the second prison escapee has been killed in a intence shoot out with Police , ho sorry hold that it does not happen until later. Sure enough, a few weeks later they punished someone and came down with a "no candy selling" decree. You couldn't even get a buzz from the amount of booze I injected but you could taste and smell the difference! On the other hand, the first daughters, Malia and Sasha, attend Sidwell Friends School in Washington, D.C.
19 a€“ is one of several 2014 efforts that could yield a good year for pot supporters, particularly in the West. The Lone Star state was not the only one with this problem, as the Polaris Slingshot lacked homologation in Connecticut, Hawaii, Indiana, and Maryland also refusing to certify the trike as street-legal. All in all, it appears like changing the law in such a way to make it more permissive for the Slingshot was indeed the shortest road. That waiting period has now been satisfied and it is now legal to shoot a suppressed firearm in Washington State. It has a column for recording the invoice number, a column for recording payments received from the customer, plus a generic amount column that can be used for all other charges, credits, debts, fees, etc.
If you don't need the billing statement #, just remove it or cut and paste the Customer ID on top of it. Remember: The Payments column is for recording payments received from your customer and Amounts are for charges, fees, and invoices billed to the customer. Don't assume that your customer uses the same version of Excel you do, or that they can open a spreadsheet. If a payment applies to two or more invoices, just insert additional rows and split the payment between the different invoices. The bands fundraiser is going great guns, the kids don't even have to sell door to door anymore.
Tuition per student at the private school is $36,264 per year (but that includes a hot lunch). Basically, the Slingshot defies the existing vehicle classifications in these states, and Polaris is trying to mend things.
You can enter negative values in the Amount column if you need to (for refunds, credits that aren't payments, etc.). You will need to make sure the total payment sums correctly, but that isn't too hard to do with a calculator. To link the split payments together, in the TYPE column record the check number that the customer paid with (e.g. Meat varies from region in the South, Southeast and Midwest, beef or pork (chicken thing is "poor"). The feeding is done according to the standards, but each puts both as there shakers, pepper pots and sugar bowls on the tables.
The evening courses usually have a very consistent soup that varies from state to state, some with manioc juice, others with flour broth, noodles, potatoes, regional meat. I taught in the state of Goias three and a half, every Wednesday night there was a crumbly (cassava flour with chicken eggs and Tatu meat).
Studied nine years in public schools in Brazil, I taught for eleven years in two states, know what I'm talking about. I have a very great shame of not knowing my entire country, it is too big and my salary does not match.

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