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Sing to Him in gladness and thanksgiving because He alone is worthy of our admiration and devotion. Sometimes I have to be reminded that every word I say is held up to the prism of  His Word in terms of its opperative power. Sometimes I have to be reminded that when I grumble I am causing the inheritance which was promised to become further away.
Sometimes I have to be reminded that when I offer praise, in the midst of blessing, it is asking very little of me, however, offering thanksgiving when the trial is strong brings a blessing I can’t completely contain.

Remembering produces a song of praise which bubbles forth unhindered by the limitations of life.A symphony of joy flows upward as an aroma of incense before the Lord.
Praising the Lord today with the faithful hearts communing at The Sunday Community with Deidra. There are so many names by which I'd love to be known ~ Christian, Wife, Momma, Homeschooler, Friend, Encourager.
I beliive that as a homeschooler I can create an atmosphere where learning is a way of life, a process that all can grasp on their own unique levels.

I love the opportunity to walk alongside the amazing people that the Lord weaves into my life so beautifully that when we look back we can view the tapestry of His love stamped upon our lives. I am blessed not because I have any special gifts but because I serve an amazing and awesome God who desires to be a blessing and endows us with gifts and abilities which allow us to love, just like He does.

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