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This is one of the many DIY party decorations I made for my daughter’s 1st birthday party. Once you decide which direction to hang it, open up one of your tablecloths and put it on the wall with thumbtacks.
You and your post from last week have absolutely won us over, and we’ll be featuring it this weekend at One Sharendipity Place!! T-H-A-N-K Y-O-U, saw the same pic you did and was going to work it out when I thought, wait, I bet some awesome blogger already did and voila!
By The 36th Avenue · 408 Comments Handmade Gifts are a great wait to show appreciation to family members, friends, and loved ones! I thought this would make a great gift for teachers and the children can actually make them.

You can purchase the sewing kits at the Dollar Store… and oh my goodness can I say ADORABLE? I actually made this one for my kid’s teachers last year but I think it would be a perfect gift also for coworkers. I did mine horizontally because it covered more of my wall that way, and if I went vertically, the kid would have had that bad boy ripped down in 2.3 seconds. I’m glad you are alerting women to using $1 tablecloths for decorating effects that would be prohibitive if paper or fabric were used instead! A CIF Champion girls soccer team will now have an awesome backdrop at their banquet thanks to you.
Ok, the backdrop is adorable, but your little girl is just too cute – and that cake – love it all!

Once you have the first tablecloth up, step back and decide if it needs to be leveled out in any places and adjust as needed.
I grew up with that sound, and I’m really hoping to put a metal roof on our home someday.

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