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Repeat this process for each of the ten pages, using a sight word from the list as inspiration, and then creating a sentence for your child to complete. After you've finished the text and your child has filled in the blanks, it's time for the illustrations! Gina Dal Fuoco has been an elementary school teacher in California for over 12 years, and has also taught English as a foreign language in Italy. For this book, you'll create a sentence frame for each page and then help your child fill in the blank with a word from the sight word list.
On each page you'll write a sentence frame centered around one of the words on this list, leaving a blank for your child to fill in the sight word.

Giving him a colorful marker to use for the sight word (a different color than the one you use to write the rest of the text) will help it stand out when you read together later.
Give your child the markers, glitter, and photos, and put him to work creating the pictures for his book. Here are ten examples of possible questions, sample kid answers, and the resulting sentence frame. Eventually, your child can take over the job of tracking the words, as he learns to read the book himself. If you no longer have access to the e-mail address associated with your account, contact Customer Service for help restoring access to your account.

By creating his own book, your kindergartener can make something he'll be proud of, and get ten key sight words under his belt at the same time.

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