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Here’s a fun little reading record printable I put together for my daughter to encourage her to keep reading right through the summer. You can print off as many copies of the reading record sheet as you need, to make a book for your child, or for a whole class. You can use a piece of card to create a cover for your book, making it colourful, fun and strong enough to last a whole summer’s worth of reading.
We have a basket of books gathered together as our summer reading selection and each day she picks one and we read it together.
You can find the download link for this free printable reading record, along with all our other freebies, inside the NurtureStore shop. My kids love to read, but every so often, they need an extra boost to get and stay excited about reading. Learning Objective: Record and discuss picture books that have been read to or the child has read themselves.

This project can be made by creating your own template or purchasing the one I have already made. Every time you add a new book chain to your Reading Star, re-read the names of the books (or just a few of them) your child has read. What a great idea – I was looking at how to support the reading of the summer and this works nicely with the schools reading rockets scheme.
Subscribe by adding your email below and get all new posts sent directly you to your inbox! We use Words of the Year as a New Year resolution focusĀ and update them at the start of the school year with a back to school motto. Then she fills in her review in the reading record – drawing the faces is her favourite bit! We go strong and add new books in for a good 2 weeks, and then my interest wanes a little bit.

If you are using the Reading Star printable from the Reading Motivation Kit, print and cut the star out. Amanda is a National Board Certified teacher with oodles of experience in early childhood education.
Kim shares ways to make learning fun and parenting an adventure by sharing developmentally appropriate activities.
It prints out with four sections to one page: you can print it double sided, cut each page in half across the middle, to create a little book.

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