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September in Toronto means more than back-to-school, it is also time for TIFF (Toronto International Film Festival).
Begin by cutting your paper bag open as shown, and then cut off the bottom flap, so that you have one large sheet of paper. With printed side of the grocery bag up, place the book on top and fold down the top and bottom edges of the paper to match the top and bottom of the book.
Fold one end of the paper and slide the front cover of the book into the open end until the edge of the cover meets your fold. Close the book and crease the other end of the paper where the edge of back cover meets it. The tunnel book starts off as a regular accordion book and then halfway it flips up exposing a tunnel to the back page.
You want both pant legs starting on the left to have a valley fold, then a mountain, and then another valley.
Your book should open nicely with 3 pages and then you can flip up the remaining pages and they can sit upright. Now that you've done your practice book you might as well use it to plan out what you want to do for your good copy. All paintings, visual art projects and posts are original creations done by the artist, Gail Bartel 2008-2016.
I have been playing with felt lately in my quest to make a quiet book (my very first) based on fine motor and life skill development. Bring out your cover and make a glue line next to the spine to attach the pages to the cover in the same way you did above. Zigzag the glue along the stack of pages, close the cover and firmly press the spine to get a smooth effect. Check out my category archive, my pinterest felt board and my friends awesome collection of free quiet book ideas and patterns.

Have you ever made a felt quiet book? How did it turn out, any tips and tricks to share on how to make a quiet book? O man, I am so in love with this book and will surely try to make it for my 13 months old son. I have always wanted to make a quiet book so this year for my toddlers 2nd birthday I made her one!
Now I could have used the sewing machine to make this quiet book but for some reason I am totally not in the mood to sew much of anything lately! I think this tutorial is great for moms who would love to make a quiet book but can’t sew and I hope that what ever your skill level you find some useful ideas in the page tutorials below! This is where you can get the complete instructions from start to end on how to make the actual blank quiet book. If you like the look of my cover I made for the quiet book you can find the how to and a printable template here. Aim: Matching the balloons back on the page in the correct order so that the tails fit onto the page.
Aim: Picking apples off the tree and putting them in the basket and then back onto the tree.
Overall, your blog, emails, everything you do, is amazing and I am learning and growing with your guidance.
Even though TIFF films are not entirely kid-friendly, I still found a way to let my love of film inspire a new (and very simple) Make It! For example, in my dancing doll flip book, the first image was a static doll, and in the next image, the doll was jumping into the air.
Since making a few of her dreams come true in the Big Apple, completing graduate school and working in arts management at New York City Ballet, she decided to be a stay-at-home mom to her young son. It is still holding up well despite a few missing apple loose pieces.(I need to replace them!) It is a much handled book and was well worth the make!

Line up the next page on top of the two you just glued and repeat step 2 and 3 until all are glued together. Open the book and add another line of glue to the first page near spine to get a closed and neat look to your first page, just like the rest of the book!
An empty felt book all ready for you to fill full of fascinating things for your little one! I love to share my simple and easy crafts & activities, printables and learning ideas for baby, toddler and preschoolers! I have actually almost completed a quiet book for the younger ones (like our 13 month olds!) I will try to share it soon! I’m wondering if washed in cold water in a delicates bag and then hung up to dry if it would hold together well and for a long time. I love hearing how little ones and their moms enjoy the ideas I share ?? Congratulations on your new baby too! Now, back in Toronto, she embarks on an exciting adventure with her new love and lively 3-year-old son. With my youngest turning 2 next month I thought to make her her own quiet book filled with things that would interest her.
I have used a broken potty training board book as it was a great size and made a rather nice quiet book template.
I have not added my felt dot for the front yet as I want to wait to see how fat the book is going to turn out before I secure the tab to close.
I would make a little sample for yourself just out of a legal sized piece of paper, it will start to make sense as you fold it up.

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