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Super Science Fair Projects eBook gives you a Winning Edge with a detailed, step-by-step, easy how-to format. After your purchase, you will receive a link to download the ebook in your receipt, which appears on your screen.
Did you know that your display board is the first impression of your science fair project. The letters for the title of the board can usually be found at Target, school supply store or teacher's retail store.
Place each sheet of the Abstract and Project reportin individual 3-ring plastic sheet protectors. I am obsessed with old books, well old things in general, but when I saw these words from old book letters I was sold! Did you happen to see my recent DIY Kitchen Cabinet Upgrade with Crown Molding and Chalky Paint post?
The following activities and crafts go along with The Easter Story Bible Lesson on The Resource Room. Note - It is illegal to publish this poem on any other web site without permission, even if you include the author's name. Memory Cross offers many different types: preprinted, coloring cards, and blank ones that you can use to create your own cards. Stickers feature characters from the Easter story, with tomb and stone, plus phrase balloons "He is not here.
In this lesson children fill a clear plastic cross with layers of different colors of candy to remind them of different things in the Easter story. I just want to let you know how helpful Danielle's Place and the Resource Room have been for me. All the games are easy to prepare, and use only plastic Easter eggs and other easy-to-find supplies such as markers and paper.
The games can be adapted to any Bible lesson, and are used to review the Bible lesson and help memorize the Bible verse. You can easily make your own patterns for the top if you don't want to purchase the pattern. Draw or print out a picture of a butterfly onto colorful card stock (Heavy Paper), or use our butterfly pattern.

Make confetti out of the craft foam by using hole punches of different shapes or cut up scrap craft foam into tiny pieces. Have your children place glue on the butterfly where they want the confetti to stick and then sprinkle the confetti over the glue. Try to keep the shells as big as possible when peeling your eggs because it will make it easier to use the colored side of the eggs for the confetti. Bulletin Board Display - I have just completed a Bulletin board display for our Children's Corner which I have called EASTER IS FOR REMEMBERING.
Egg Mobile - I have also printed out another set of the Easter story eggs for a friend to laminate. Print out the poem pattern and cut it out, or print the following poem on a piece of paper. In class have your children glue cotton balls on the cups to look like clouds and color the picture of Jesus. When they are done coloring, tape a star to one end of a string and push it through the hole at the bottom of the cup. My 2 to 5 year olds practically danced around the room, retelling the story, and every child could successfully retell his or her parent the lesson! They look like those reader Digest editions that have a couple of short stories or edited parts of books.
Take the egg apart and place one half in the center of a piece of paper so that the open end is on the paper.
If a child finds a card, he brings it to the front of the room and places with all the other cards in the correct order. Tell your children that as you review the events of the story to raise their hands if they think they know what card might represent that event.
I used a large stained glass window featuring the cross for the central section and used the Easter story eggs - 5 on each side to complete the picture. They are kind of like the song that never ends -- once you start opening them, you just can't stop. Children take turns spinning the spinner and placing a sticker on a piece of paper that matches the picture the spinner lands on. The chalk markers will wipe off with use or water but they do make beautiful decorations on the eggs.

When you have covered the entire cross with oil use paper towels to soak up any left over oil by pressing the cross pattern between to sheets of paper towels.
Place glue on the picture where you want the egg shell confetti, and then place the egg shell on the glue. The first child in each time walks with an egg on his shoe up to the front of the room where he places the egg in order and then runs back to the start line where he tags the next child in line who then races to get his egg in order. If they cards match, they get to keep the cards and tell you what part of the story they represent. Once you have talked about one event ask a child to point to the egg that he thinks might represent that part of the story. It looks most effective and I am sure the children will enjoy it as much as the adults who have already had a chance to see it.
If the confetti pieces are too big and hang over the lines, just press down on the shells with you finger nail to break off the extra pieces. If the egg falls off of a child's shoe, the child must stop and place it back on his shoe before moving again. If he is correct have him pick up the egg and place it in a row in the order of the events. A smaller display board emphasizes the Last Supper and Communion - also using the egg shape theme.
It will be a reminder of their Sunday School lessons during the time it is up as they always enjoy discussing each new display. Children place a sticker on their picture according to which picture on the die is facing up. You have so much to offer, that I end up spending hours reading and making copies for future lessons.

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