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They become trapped thinking arts integration is analog and tech integration is digital; the former is fingerpainting, making music and dancing while the latter is calculating, researching and programming. When I was a student, we had an assignment in which we drew new book covers for our favorite books. Take this assignment a step further by asking students to make these book covers using a graphic design program. Show students examples of the works of Piet Mondrian, a mid-20th-century painter who divided his canvas into geometric shapes. Plus, as an added bonus you can show them what their education will provide them with – maybe an acceptance to Stritch! There are a number of ways to combine both arts integration and tech integration with core-subject education. Jenna is an online blogger who most often covers topics she is passionate about such as personal finance, education, and career!

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This is a popular assignment for middle-grade Language Arts instructors because it requires students to distill theme and character into a single image. Ask students to look at examples of effective college website design, like the Wisconsin MBA program at Stritch University. Consider a quick course on layers for Adobe Photoshop or let your students intuitively discover how to use the program on their own. Using a keyboard and a projector, set up a basic rhythm by setting the bass drum to four hits per measure.
Then split them into groups and ask them to create an ideal college website, using everything from statistics to slogans.
Each book size and bag will vary.    Wrap the bag around the book to determine fit and size.

They have to give the area of each shape they use, as well as the percentage of canvas that each shape covers.
This not only gets students thinking about what they want out of college, but also helps them understand the language and design elements that colleges use to get their attention.
Since graphic-design software measures in inches, it is possible to use it for a number of artistic geometrical calculations, from circumference to chord measurement.

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