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Nestled in the heart of Niagara Wine Country, Amanda Cowley loves nothing more than pulling together creative handcrafted celebrations designed, styled & inspired by love.
Have a “Birthday Guest Book” place a calendar at your guest book sign in table, instruct each guest to find their birthday and sigh their name!  This is a great way to remember each one of your friends birthday throughout the year! Are you the creative, fun couple and your want your wedding guest book to reflect that?  Then consider having a thumbprint people book! The thumbprint tree is one of our favorite guest book ideas.  Trees are symbolic in love and the leaves of the tree are represented by the people who attended your wedding.  You can make the tree leaves the colors of your wedding, the colors in home, or the traditional shades of green!
Flat design style modern vector illustration concept of smart house technology system with centralized control of lighting, heating, ventilation and air conditioning, security locks and video surveillance, energy savings and efficiency. The latest installment of my quarterly column, Dug's Automata Tips, Techniques and Tricks is now live on the Cabaret Mechanical Theatre site.
The name of this book says it all for indeed, it deals with Automata and Mechanical Toys, and it does it well. The chapter on the history of automata is among the best short treatments of the topic, dealing with the clockwork examples from history and placing the contemporary form that is the subject of the book in context. Each chapter is interspersed with profiles of leading automata makers, showcasing their work with many pictures and a page or two of information about the artist. The section on tool and materials is quite good and provides some translation of terms for speakers of American English (e.g. A particularly cool thing about this book is the section on the automaton mechanism test platform. Somewhere between a how-to book and a coffee table treatment of the art form itself, the book may frustrate those who want to focus on just one thing or the other.
This third piece in my pony automaton series proved to be the most difficult to design and make by far as I wanted to match Fluttershy's grandiose reputation.
Fuller also shows some more traditional examples of dancing figures or "limberjacks" as they are sometimes called.
In this video, creator Brad Litwin takes us through the process of making the Thumbs Up MechaniCard with the playback sped up. It is with great sadness that we note the passing this month of Frank Nelson, one of the great makers of contemporary automata.
Like a few other luminaries in the field of automata-making, he was inspired by artist Sam Smith, who encouraged Nelson to try his hand and moving works and to enter them into exhibitions. Frank Nelson was born in Blackpool in 1930 and attended Blackpool Art School during the 1940s. Frank Nelson started to carve and create automata in the early 1970's and for over 35 years he concentrated exclusively on automata with his own distinct figurative style using carved and painted wood.
Nelson once described his piece 'The Tamer' (1975) as "the best idea I have ever had." The Tamer cracks his whip twice, but the big cat shakes its head from side to side, refusing to perform. Here is the official web site of Frank Nelson where you can see the paintings, drawings, portrait sculpture, and automata produced by this remarkable artist.
This fully operational model is machine-tooled from solid brass, stainless steel, and aluminum.
These mechanical light switches transform an ordinary appliance into the perfect flourish for your secret library, steampunk chalet—or wherever your imagination lives!
The mechanical switch covers install easily over a standard switch plate using the existing screws. The fast reaction when the finger taps the turtle's shell is just what the piece needed for a finish to the cycle.
The Nemours Mansion and Gardens in Wilmington Delaware recently prepared a very special musical tall case clock for journey to The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City for a rare temporary exhibit starting at the end of this month.

This rare clock was made for Marie Antoinette c.1785, and it plays an organ and a dulcimer combined.
The exhibition at The Met is entitled, Extravagant Inventions: The Princely Furniture of the Roentgens. The exhibition will also feature an Automaton of Queen Marie Antoinette (1784), depicting a likeness of the queen at a clavichord. The special exhibition will run from October 30, 2012 through January 27, 2013 at the Metropolitan. Labels: clock, clocks, Deleware, exhibits, furniture, history, Jere Ryder, Marie Antoinette, mechanical music, Metropolitan Museum of Art, Murtogh D. Back in September, we had a sneak peek at the prototype of Brad Litwin's new MechaniCard titled Thumbs Up. Who would think that from a flat surface, a hand could rise, curl its fingers, and then raise its thumb -- all from the turn of a small hand crank? So, it is good news to learn that the two books have been combined into a single edition titled Building Wooden Machines: Gears and Gadgets for the Adventurous Woodworker.
When I stumbled upon the idea of book wreaths, I instantly knew they were exactly what I had been looking for!
The bottom row of rolled pages extend approximately 4" from the edge of the base you cut out, so keep that in mind as well!
Buy colorful ink pads and pens, ask guests to make a thumbprint in your guest book and make it representative of them! Once this guest book done, it makes a great piece of artwork in your home that you will treasure for years to come! This should be all the information you need to start using pulleys and belts in your projects right away. The book covers the history of automata, contemporary makers, and the construction techniques you will need to start making them yourself. Printed in full color on glossy paper, you can really get a sense for the devices, their construction, and the finishes that add that artistic touch. For that, you'll have to turn to one of the author's other books, Making Mechanical Toys, which is a great companion volume. But, if you love automata, want see examples by well known automata artists, and want to learn more about how to make these wonderful devices, then this book is a must-have.
To this useful list, they will soon be adding the nifty little rolling ball sculpture shown in the video as a kit! The piece depicts a student studying for an exam who falls asleep at his desk and starts to dream. Check out the pictures and description or just go ahead and buy this one-of-a-kind creation. In this video Fuller explains the design and construction of a dancing figure that is powered by the steam produced from a small boiler heated with an alcohol lamp.
He notes that the addition of a side-to-side motion really helps to improve the dancers motion.
The video, along with Litwin's commentary, is a fascinating look at the intricate detail involved in this design. I wasn't expecting so much hand-peening, but now that I've thought about it, it's clear that this is a inexpensive, strong, efficient and low-profile way to make a pivot for two or more parts.
Nelson, in turn, has inspired another generation of automata makers with his wit, fine carvings, and exquisite use of paint. He then spent some years in motor and aircraft design, becoming self-employed in 1960 and undertaking a range of model-making projects and design works for architects, museums film and theatre.

Over the years he has exhibited in most major galleries and art centres and acted as guest lecturer in a number of Universities, including the John Makepeace School for craftsmen in wood at Parnham House in Dorset. A man known for being generous with his time and knowledge, it is good to know that Frank Nelson's works will endure and his influence will live on. Power is supplied by the amazing Stirling Engine which uses the expansion and compression of air to turn the engine. In addition to the excellent lever-based switch shown in the video, they have a couple of other lovely designs. Its case was made in the workshop of the German cabinetmakers Roentgen, who catered to the French Court, amongst others.
It will feature some of the greatest works by Abraham Roentgen (1711-1793) and his son David Roentgen (1743-1807). The mechanism is gorgeous, compact, and full of interesting components: gears, pulleys, belts, springs, strings, hinges, pivots, slides, and linkages. Originally published in 1995 and 1999, respectively, they have become increasingly hard to find, especially the second book which now fetches high prices in the used book market. I show you exactly how to make small wooden pulleys for automata and other small mechanical projects, drawing on my previous article on How to Cut Wooden Circles for Your Automata Projects. You'll see profiles of Lucy Casson, Ron Fuller, John Grayson, Neil Hardy, Andy Hazell, Tim Hunkin, John Maltby, Tony Mann, Peter Markey, Ian McKay, Frank Nelson, Rodney Peppe, Robert Race, Martin Smith, Paul Spooner, Melanie Tomlinson, Douglas Wilson, Kristy Wyatt Smith, Vicki Wood, and Jan Zalud. What you will find are instructions for how to make the components you'll need to make an automaton of your own: ratchets, pinwheels, gears, linkages, cams, cranks, a Geneva wheel, and so on.
The characters, box (stand) and fence are carved out of Philippine mahogany as are the cams, bellows and slide whistle. We also get to see some tools, materials, and techniques along the way -- making this an educational exercise as well. Many of his original automata are in public collections but of the many private commissions - he is proudest of the 'Barnum' automata commissioned by the actor Michael Crawford and based on the stage musical. The surprise comes in the form of a role reversal with the tiger putting his head into the Tamer's mouth. Nybye have come up with a wonderful line of mechanical add-ons for common light-switch covers. There may or may not be a fun little surprise toward the end of the video, but I refuse to say. I love how one arm of his dancing figure is particularly animated, while the other moves just a little. Take for example the beautiful external combustion kraftwagen model I posted about last year.
These engines are remarkably efficient: full burner of ethyl alcohol allows the engine to operate for up to 15 minutes. The mechanisms are typically cut with a laser from high-quality plywood and finished off with brass hardware.
Finish with a band of ribbon or lace adhered to the back with hot glue if you want to add another design element. The construction and use of this platform would make a great classroom aid or science fair project. I liked the way it looked hung with a 3M hook directly to the wall -- simple, clean and all about the wreath!

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