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Post that awesome picture of your powermac dual 2.7 and the sweet dual monitors that you showed me. All of our used parts are fully tested and in are in Grade A- to A condition unless stated otherwise.
Submit your device's serial number or model number to check for compatibility using our built-in system. We have a large selection of free take apart and installation guides on our repair guide page: Mac Repair Guides . Click Here to visit our send-in Mac Service center, or call us at 1-866-726-3342, and ask us to do it for you!
Customers who bought this product also bought the following products: This does not necessarily mean these products are compatible with your device. For over 13 years, Powerbook Medic has been providing parts, repair, and service for a variety of gadgets. While I was in Germany in September 2009, I crossed the central streets of Munich several times for the cool museums and attractive views. During one of the nights, I walked on the Adalbertstrasse and saw exposed old Mac laptops for sale in a shop.
Some days later, before going to the Oktoberfest, I decided to pay a visit to the shop, to have a look what Macs are there.
I said that I was interested in old PPC Mac for my coding needs and that it does not need to be fast. Macs for lower price on eBay, even with better specs, but there is no possibility to test and most of the time they come as it, without any warranty or additional software. For this laptop I got one year warranty, also MacOS X Tiger DVD, the external power supply and a bag.
From left to right the ports on the back are: AC power port, FireWire port, Ethernet port, USB port, another USB port, VGA port, S-Video output port, Sound In port and Modem port.
The computer have very nice microphone built-in and it can be used for Skype, speech operating the OS or simply as audio input in the computer.
With the Chronos 80 in 1 Card Reader CR-561, I was able to read all kind of memory cards and store data back on them. And all this, without the need to reconfigure anything at the device - it was present on the network, available for all the other devices which were using it. A problem came with my DVDs, burned on the Amiga - when I inserted them in the PowerBook G4, they were read for some seconds, then ejected, without being able to access the data stored on them. I have removed all the Widgets, ran optimizing software and removed unused startup applications, but this did not help it much, to even notice myself.

As I am used to AmigaOS, MacOS X was more as an experience learning test, than a system that I will switch to in the near or far future.
For more test, I burned the latest MorphOS (v2.4) CD, but unfortunately, it did not even boot.
The Linux is not new to me, I was using it for years, but it did not catch my attention before, it did not catch my attention on the Mac, where the Ubunty Hardy is an ordinary Linux distribution, with nothing special at all. Actually, I like and prefer MacOS X Tiger over any Linux, and stored this LiveCD away from the machine. With the latest Snow Leopard version of MacOS X, Apple officially announced that they will no longer support PowerPC based machines. There are thousand of applications released in Universal Binary format, which work fine on PPC and Intel based Mac machines. There are lots of emulators for classic machines - Apple II, Super Nintendo Entertainment System and PC DOS - they worked smoothly, but not as smooth as on my AmigaOne. What I found is that not only the Mac hardware and accessories tend to be more expensive than the PC counterparts, but also the same stands for the magazines.
It is very expensive, but as I am a big fan of the Amiga Format magazine (not published anymore), I was happy to buy a sister magazine of the legendary Amiga mag. The Mac magazines also host articles about the iPhone, iPod and some general Apple services. On the hardware front - as most of the PC components work straight away on the Mac, there is no problem that I do not know any Apple store nearby my place. There are many online shops and eBay auctions, so it is still possible to buy hardware for the machine and eventually add more peripherals or upgrades to it. Amiga Classix 5 also work on my Mac, with a nice frontend, but it is not that easy to install. This is a laptop repair tool set to be used with the Macbook, Macbook Pro, Powerbook, and iBook. In that time, over 300,000 orders have left our facility for US and international destinations to help save old devices from the landfill and bring them back to working condition.
Also, if it is not properly seated, sometime I can feel the electric flow on my hand, because I am becoming the mass of the computer. On the left side is the expansion port with an eject button and audio out port for headphones.
Overall, strong parts of the computer are the G4 CPU with the Altivec unit and the big physical RAM size (768 MB). Because the internal disk space is relatively small for today standards (30GB), I have connected 1 TB SATA drive via USB ICY BOX 3.5" External HDD Enclosure (IB-380 Series).

Other USB Human Interface devices like Numerical Keypad and Optical mouse also worked fine. This permanent spindling also reduces the hard drive life considerably, and I would not be happy to invest in another drive. I often tend to run out of physical memory, even if opening only a few programs and the overall system use tends to be clumsy.
I had to start it with option video=ofonly to work, which means that it did not utilize my graphics card at full. I have tried some pretty nice freeware or shareware games, but some of the new releases were very slow on my machine.
As I was still enthusiastic about my new computer and in the Mac at whole, I purchased several magazines, to try the software on the cover DVDs and CDs, read some news, rumours and tips, and generally have a better picture of the Mac world.
The most expensive magazine I bought was at the Munich Airport, import from England, the Mac Format magazine for 12.90 Euro.
As Apple officially abandoned the PowerPC platform in August 2009, with the release of Snow Leopard, there is also tendency in the magazines for less articles for the people with the old machines like mine.
Also, the Amiga emulation was slow with crippled sound and there is not much to do about it.
The OS is not going to be updated much, except for security fixes, but this is not my goal either. Currently, I am not interested in selling my Mac, mostly because I can not offer warranty for it. I have nearly the same machine though 400Mhz processor and have been using it since I bought it new in 2001.
Please note, this tool set will not be compatible with most Retina machines or some Unibody MacBook Pro machines. Used parts designated with a Grade B condition may have slight damage such as small dents or deep scratches that are noticeable but should not affect the functionality of the device. The tool set includes : 1 Torx(r) T8 Screwdriver, 1 Torx(r) T6 Screwdriver, 1 Philips size #0 screwdriver, 1 Philips size #00 screwdriver, and 1 Flat Head 2mm Screwdriver.

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