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Some words in the examples above may have been more emotionally charged for you than others. Also get the best classroom strategies, ideas, and support from The Positive Classroom Newsletter. Be motivated to exercise - Target your self-talk to energise you and motivate you to exercise. This led to a deeper discussion about preventing children from being cruel or teasing each other.
Tell the children you will be listening during the day to hear how many of the words they use.
Choose one day each week to go over the Kind Words List and be sure to provide positive attention and feedback when you hear children using them. The goal is to get children get into the habit of saying kind things – and know that teasing and cruelty are NOT acceptable.

Young children are still learning about what the boundaries are for their behavior, and they need us to be clear about what is okay to say in school and what is not. We only recommend products or services we use personally and believe are of value to our readers. Entire books have been written about building classroom communities and I highly recommend Teaching Children to Care published by the Responsive Classroom. At group time, you can begin by using puppets, dolls, or pictures of children and put on a little skit in which you act out a child saying mean words. Children need lots of practice to develop new habits, and they need feedback to know how they are doing. Focus on a positive goal - Create a positive mindset by always using positive language when speaking of your goal. Look for opportunities throughout the day where you can use positive words to give yourself a boost. If you found this information useful, please share it!

In this column, though, let’s get started with some basics like teaching children how to say kind words. Next ask them what we can say to each other to make each other feel good, instead of sad or angry. At the end of the day, gather the children together and share the kind words you heard that day. There will be more information in future posts on how to respond to teasing if it still occurs, but you should see a great decrease in teasing as you focus children on kindness instead.

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