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Another symptom of GAD is a racing mind that feels like it is on fast forward or constant overdrive.
The chains of habit are generally too small to be felt until they are too strong to be broken.
Perfectionism is classic symptom of GAD and this often aggravates the anxiety as sufferers set unrealistic expectations of themselves and others. Having positive affirmations that you can repeat to yourself in times of intense anxiety attacks can help calm the body and mind and enable you to regain control over your thoughts and feelings. If you don't like something change it; if you can't change it, change the way you think about it.
For a lot of GAD sufferers they may worry that there is something terribly wrong with them but are unable to fit a name or label to what they are feeling. I used to spend all my time wishing and dreaming for a miracle…the miracle that would take all my suffering and struggles away. Breathing and relaxation techniques can be very helpful…when your mind wont stop spinning, sometimes it can help to pause and take your focus off the whirlwind of your thoughts. Mental illnesses like GAD can make you become overly introspective and start living inside your own head – instead of in the real world.
But although this seems to make sense in theory, often this can actually make things worse.
They may start to become anxious that the intense excessive worry may lead to something even worse, like a heart attack, a panic attack or a alopecia. What once seemed a small problem can quickly escalate and snowball into a very big problem!
Not knowing what is wrong with you can make the anxiety worse as you begin to speculate that you have all kinds of mysterious diseases!
The miracle that would allow me to wake up and no longer be held bound by my mental illnesses. They may sometimes feel overwhelming, and at times even frightening, but they can do nothing to hurt you! Often GAD can make you become disengaged from life and what is going on around you – as your focus turns inwards and you easily fall into the trap of becoming a prisoner of your mind. Often with GAD a racing mind is hard to stop and the more we try and stop it the more we make it work by trying to find a way to stop! The constant struggle to battle with the incessant thoughts and anxious feelings within, can leave the sufferer mentally, emotionally and physically exhausted, which only then compounds the situation Hard as it may sound, try and accept the anxiety. Although this may seem like a productive thing to do, it can actually make the condition worse.

GAD can cause us to become so used to thinking certain negative thoughts that they can actually start happening automatically without us even realising it! But this unrealistic aim only causes more stress and anxiety as nothing and no one can ever be perfect. The fear can becoming overwhelming and adds to the initial worry, making the cycle even more vicious and difficult to escape from.
As a result GAD can be incredibly difficult to detect and diagnose as it can be so well masked by the off shooting symptoms. Don’t let GAD cloud your vision and stop you from seeing how much good is still left in your life. By doing this you can stop the on going battle within yourself that just goes round and round in a vicious cycle. When I was at the height of my GAD, I couldn’t switch off at all, and I found myself constantly trying to figure out a way out of my condition. By accepting this and learning to be grateful for what you have (instead of what you don’t) can really help to ease the effects of GAD.
At first this was really tough to do and thoughts and worries kept pushing their way back in to my mind, but I kept flicking that imaginary button in my mind and the more I practised it – the better I got at it.
I found myself trying out countless options in an attempt to find something that would finally free me from my turmoil. The more we think something – the more it will be ingrained in the wiring of our minds and the more it will become a habit. I used to think I could never be truly happy until I could completely get rid of all my mental illnesses, and so I used to fight and battle everyday with it, in the hope that one day it would finally be beaten and be gone forever.
When I feel anxious, instead of panicking that something awful may happen because of it, I simply remind myself that it is merely a symptom of my condition and I just let the anxiety pass.
Nick Vujicic (you can see clips of him on youtube) helped me to see that I don’t need to wish and wait for a miracle to happen – I can be the miracle! This technique helped me to silence the deafening thoughts that kept shouting in my head and gave my mind the much needed break it wanted. But everything I tried seemed to only help for a short period of time and the ugly feelings and endless ruminating would just return again with a vengeance. But I have come to accept that my mental illnesses may always be with me for all of my life, and instead of letting that break me, I choose to turn my weaknesses into strengths. Nick has no arms or legs and he spent most of his life wishing and praying for a miracle….but then he became the very miracle he was waiting so long for! I felt like I was fighting a losing battle and every failed attempt to gain victory was another crushing blow that made me feel like I was fast running out of options and fast running out of hope.

We need to re- train our brain and create new positive habits to replace the old bad habits. I now use my own experiences to help others, because no one can help another sufferer better, than someone who has been there themselves. Don’t get sucked into the vicious spiral of worrying about worrying, all it does is escalate your anxiety and drain you. Because without knowing what you have – how can you even begin to fight it and recover?
Over time, the new habits will start to become automatic and the mind will begin to think more positively instead of negatively. By accepting myself fully for who I am, (even the all the parts I’d rather get rid of!) I have found a sense of peace as I am no longer fighting against myself. He didn’t get the limbs he so badly wished for, but he has become a living, breathing inspiration to millions of people all over the world!
At first I was terrified of not soldiering on as I was afraid that if I stopped trying to get better, then I would sink even further and never get back up.
But what I didn’t realise is that it was the ANXIETY that was making me think there was something awful wrong with me. He learnt how to be able to be happy in any situation, and not let circumstances control life, but to be in control himself. But years of determination to recover had not helped, so I had nothing to lose by trying the opposite. When I realised that what I was suffering from was actually a mental illness (GAD) I was finally able to stop the search for solutions and answers.
Strange as it may sound, it was actually a huge relief to know that there was something wrong with me!
For years, I had thought I was losing my mind and going crazy, but when I discovered that in actual fact I had a condition, it lifted a huge weight off my shoulders. I knew now, that I wasn’t alone and that there were thousands of people out there who were in the same boat as me. This new found knowledge helped me to accept that my racing mind (and other symptoms) were simply trait of GAD and instead of fighting it and trying to find a way to make it better, I could simply just accept it as part of my condition and let the ugly feelings and thoughts pass. This helped me incredibly and although it was by no means easy (and sometimes the thoughts and feelings still drive me insane) I am able to much better cope and deal with my GAD with less effort than ever before and better results than ever before!

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