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My goal is to share with you some legitimate work-from-home jobs that will allow you to earn extra income for your family from the comfort of your own home on your schedule.
If you are looking to find your own freelance writing jobs sites like Elance and Odesk have thousands of writing jobs posted.
Or if you decide to stick with the corporate world, here are some job sites to help you find a job. Many of these examples I have personally used to add extra income to my household when needed. Instead, I want to introduce to you a few reputable work-from-home companies that will pay you for your work.
They have many different employment opportunities that range from Writers, Editors, Title Editors, Filmmakers, and more. I was hesitant to put this one one here since it isn’t a job per se, but it is a legit way to make a few bucks.
You can earn by answering polls, taking surveys, doing simple tasks (like giving feedback about a website), trading in old video games or books, and even playing games on their site. I have used them for months and have received multiple payments from them, so I can attest that it is legit. While you won’t get rich doing this, to me it seems like a great way for stay at home moms (or teens) to make some money. Join over 145,000 others and take our FREE email course that will help you save more, get out of debt, organize your finances, and begin to plan for the future. FTC Disclosure of Material Connection: In order for us to maintain this website, some of the links in the post above may be affiliate links. I love the Demand Studios idea, since I enjoy posting articles anyway, but all of these are helpful.
There must be big money in that right now with so many people out of work and desperate for anything.
Some are just simple ideas for getting cash quickly and others you can do for a longer period of time. I would be interested in additional websites and information you have on work from home jobs. Is it possible that given the state of the job market they’re swamped with applicants?
That being said there are plenty of companies that will pay you to write for them like DemandStudios.
I also find that the websites are not giving enough information about what is required or expected before asking to to sign up.

I’m curious how many people who read this have any luck getting hired on with Demand Studios? I recently applied to Demand Studios and was rejected saying that they were unable to offer me a writing assignment at this time as they’ve had an increase of freelancing positions and are having to turn away even highly qualified writers. They are usually hiring for certain positions at certain times so you have to keep your eyes peeled. Basically this is a free site that offers you a bunch of ways to earn cash, gift cards, or other rewards.
LiveOps is an at home call service that you dial into while in the comfort of your own home. This resource is also good for Stay-at-home moms that are looking for ways to earn so money without being on a tight schedule. It is so hard to find LEGITIMATE ways to earn a few extra dollars online without doing so 5 cents at a time.
Having such piece of information is particularly helpful to lead people in the right direction to avoid internet scams. Some pay you up front and others pay revenue long term for either page views or adsense revenue. I am looking to supplement my current income to give myself some breathing room and to get things back in the black. I am unable to research and then write 3+ 300-word articles per hour for barely minimum wage. I DID visit the web address you referenced but the forum notes were so cryptic as to be unable to decipher what sites they were referencing. It seems there is so much garbae to sift through that this article will be really helpful to the people who desere to go right to the source. I have seen so many articles of this time and they usually list every possible moneymaker out there, and most of them are crap. I have a family member struggling right now, and I can’t wait to share this information with them. You should have an introduction that is about 50-75 words and then 4-5 steps with a paragraph each. I would very much appreciate for you to please send me some info on the Demand Studio application you mentioned on the site.
I really apprecatiate the fact that you give the information and then add your personal take.

I possess above-average writing skills and submitted an entry that was outright rejected without explanation or recourse.
I once wrote several 150 word articles for someone that was creating an Extreme Sports website. There are many more work-from-home companies out there, but these are all ones I have had personal interaction with and can recommend that they are legitimate. You should have an introduction that is about 50-75 words and then 5 steps with a paragraph each. As someone newly on the Dave Ramsey Total Money Makeover I really wanted to find a second job and these ideas are great! I assume those are the sites you’re refering to, but if there are others, please share! The reason they do it is because people talk about everything (good, bad, ugly) and they don’t want to lose their job if the name of the company is showing up in the search engines is my guess. All calls are inbound from people responding to infomercials and you basically take their ordering information while being logged into the LiveOps system.
And if you need more ideas, here are 20 more work-from-home companies for you to look into. I did post asking the reason for this policy and for a little help in translation but received no replies.
I was in a forum where someone said they had applied 5 times before they were accepted as a freelance writer for Demand Studios. They currently have thousands of titles to choose from in the system and you can reserve up to ten at a time. Also, If you get in on one job (like a writer) you have an option to apply to all the other positions if you want. Once a Title Editor does not log in for 30 days they are kicked out essentially so probably once they get depleted they will hire again.
So, if you are the type that enjoys learning something new and then explaining it to someone else then this could be a fun work for you.

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