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Computer programs help enhance speech recovery because the person usually must use their other hand to operate the program.  Speech pathologists, neurologists, special education teachers, as well as families with stroke survivors will be interested in reading this paper.
Sensory Trigger Method uses a number of left-hand strategies to break through this "speech barrier". When there is damage to both sides of the brain, we recommend using the hand that is connected to the side of the brain that is least damaged.
Remember, Broca's area is the vocal Speech Center, while Wernicke's is where spoken language is understood. It does, however, connect to the cortex or thinking part of the brain and signals go back and forth to the passive speech center on the other side of the brain. The areas that used to be free to plan ahead for speech have to work overtime, and switch back and forth between functions.

The Let's Talk program automatically gives you the auditory cue AFTER the touch cue and visual cue.
With left-handed people we will be making NEW connections just like we would be doing with right-handed people.
We are finding that many people who do the neurostimulation therapy and get the use of their hand back, don't get their speech back. Signals must route from the ears through Wernicke's Center first before going to the Broca's area. The instructions in the manuals explain how to interact with the stroke survivor, how to do the right number of repetitions without over-doing it, how the method can be individualized for different people, how to deal with and relieve frustration and how to fit all of this into the context of your everyday life.
Left-handers usually have a slight advantage because the new connections are made more easily.

Some patterning from the left hand is accomplished by doing everyday things like eating or using a communication board, but it is usually not enough to establish a new pathway to the undamaged speech center. The Sensory Trigger Method restructures language processing in the brain so it can talk again.

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